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THE FRAUD FORMS {timeline}

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Check also OilEmpire's no-plane timeline. It's more comprehensive than mine and his link lead to more and better articles.
Of course the absurdity of the attack on the Pentagon was already evident even before any “moonbat” theories emerged – that morning we saw the very symbol of America’s national defense - proving - completely - defenseless. They would be doing offense halfway ‘round the world within a matter of weeks, but on 9/11 itself, we’re told, nothing in America’s defense arsenal could prevent a hijacked airliner from crashing into the bunker’s west wall nearly an hour after the first crash in New York, and more than a half hour after everybody knew we were in a state of war.

Add to this the plane’s curious and precise attack, its undocumented crash, its disappearance upon impact, contradictory stories and continued secrecy from the Pentagon itself and we were left with fertile soil for many to conclude there was no plane there at all. AND THEN the inevitable theories of both the informed and crackpot varieties stepped in to fill the gap.

Below find links to posts analyzing the propogation of this myth - and to a lesser extent, the other bunk arguments - spanning from before 9/11 to the present.
2000-2001: The Set-Up
- September 2000: The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) releases its report Rebuilding America's Defenses, which outlines a military "process of transformation" perhaps requiring a "catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a New Pearl harbor." (does ANYONE have any info on an exact release date? I've looked long and hard and can only narrow it down to before the 21st. If it was released on Sept. 11 I think that might be significant. As would its date being hidden.)

- December: US Presidential election called 5-4 in the Supreme Court in favor of Texas Gov. Bush, based on tie-breaking and clearly stolen vote in Gov Bush's Florida. Theft and deception cast as background for Bush's presidency, plagued by low approval and wide suspicion. Not undeserved of course, justnotably and perhaps unnecessarily whipped-up, and evidently over the top, the worst election and most hatable President ever.

- January 11: Rumsfeld Commission releases its report on Space Management, recommending a US Space Force be created and that repeatedly noted the utility of a Pearl Harbor or Space Pearl Harbor incident, almost like a threat in retrospect.

- January 20 2001: Bush is sworn in as 43rd president - Nobody much knows it at the time, but the PNAC is in power now. Vice President and PNAC member Dick Cheney heads up staffing and brings in fellow PNACers Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Bolton, Khalilzad, Zakheim, etc... who take conrol especially at the Pentagon, handed over to Rumsfeld.

- March 4: The pilot episode of the short-lived X-Files spin-off The Lone Gunmen airs, centered on a plot by a Pentagon faction to fly a remote controled 727 into the World Trade Center. So a virtual outline of the darker 9/11 theories was already branded an "X-Files conspiracy theory" six months before the attacks.

- January - September: Bush's approval ratings start low and keep sliding steadily down amid scandal and arrogance and that stolen election, at about 45% and falling by early September...

- September 10: Defense secretary Rumsfeld announces the Pentagon “cannot track’ as much as $2.3 trillion of its budget. (a post on this is coming...)

- September 11, 9:37:45 am: Official time that Flight 77 plowed through the Naval Command Center and the space being used by Army auditors to tack their share of the missing trillions. Due to Rumsfeld’s alleged foreknowledge and his drawing attention to it the previous day, many have ironically taken the attack as an effort to cover up the trillions.

- September 11, within "minutes" of the Pentagon attack: Nothing to See Here: videos of the attack seized by FBI from businesses around the Pentagon. This is the first manifestation of the secrecy that has allowed the Pentagon attack to remain so mysterious and open to conspiracy theories, laid out at about the time the World Trade Center towers were falling shortly after being hit with two Boeing 767s.

- Oct. 01-Jan. 02: Vialls, Von Buelow, and Home Run: Naming Names: The German connection and people-inside remote control theories.

- October 7: First postings online of Thierry Meyssan's no-plane-at-the-Pentagon theory.

- October 12: Rumsfeld's Missile "Admission": Here we're talking about a secretary of defense hijacking 9/11 truth with feigned senility and the "mistranscription" to damage this movement.

2002: The French Revelations
- February: The Meyssan case hits the world news with release of L'effroyable Imposture and his son's site Hunt the Boeing

- March 7/8: First publications of anonymously released stills from Pentagon CCTV cameras "proving" a 757 hit the building but provoking widespread charges of forgery and even taken as proof for hundreds of sub-theories.

Flight of the Bumble-Planes: Carol Valentine, Snake Plissken, and the theory that set the stage for the coming swarm

- July: Sheikh Zayed of the UAE has Meyssan's book translated into Arabic

- September: Eric Hufschmid's book Painful Questions is released. Focusing mostly on the WTC collapses, its side analysis of the Pentagon attack is pure crap - Meyssan re-packaged with some drone aircraft thrown in for texture.

- October: John Judge releases "Flight of Fantasy: Flight 77 Didn't Hit the Pentagon." It warned "there is no question that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon," that "remaining agnostic on this point [...] serves to discredit the other good work [on] the reality of what happened that day. It is my feeling that this thesis was actually part of an intentional disinformation campaign."

- Fall: Michael Ruppert, in a CBC interview, expresses concern about "those newly awakened voices of opposition who expend needless energy debating whether explosives were placed in the towers, whether the planes were remote controlled, whether an airliner really hit the Pentagon, or whether maybe Congress will actually do something about any of it. These debates are worse than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. They are expediting the demise of people who could otherwise be constructing life rafts. The proof already exists that the government lied."

- December 4: Sarah Roberts releases the most convincing photos yet of plane wreckage inside the Pentagon.

2003: The Fraud Gestates
- January 10-16: English translation of Meyssan's firstbook published as 9/11 The big lie, and first edition of his second book Pentagate released, arguing for a drone aircraft attack and the use of military explosives.

- March 20: Commencement of Iraq War. 9/11 takes a back seat for dissident-types.

- April 30: Hufschmid's video Painful Deceptions released, arguing strongly for a Global Hawk attack

- November 26: Mike Ruppert publishes hispiece “The Kennedys, Physical Evidence, and 9/11” to warn against dwelling on physical evidence issues which riskcredibility, invite sabotage, and waste time and energy.

2004: Still no plane at the Pentagon
- February: Phil Jayhan starts LetsRoll 911 website and forums.

- Mid-2004: 911 In Plane Site is first released. Phil Jayhan starts distributing in August.

- August 23: Darren Williams' "Pentagon Strike" flash video first released, arguing for missile... bomb... drone... anything but a 757. Widely seen, easily digestible, and convincing on the surface, it re-opened interest in the case at a politically volatile moment. My video review

- August (?) 2004 - Loose Change first cut completed, first copies distributed through Phil Jayhan and LetsRoll 911 in late 2004-early 2005 among the LetsRoll crowd,starts a slow buzz.

- October: Jim Hoffman's piece "the Pentagon no-757 theory: booby trap for 9/11 skeptics" appears.

- Mid-November: 911 In Plane Site Director's Cut revealed - a few errors fixed, the rest left, including emphasis on the 16-foot Pentagon entry hole and the stool on the first floor.

2005: The Loose Change Offensive
- February-March 2005: Karl Scwarz ("pop goes the Bush Mythology bubble part 5") and Jon carlson put forth the A3 Skywarrior theory

- March: The Chertoff Tangent: Popular Mechanics spewing "Homeland Security" propoganda?

- March 8: Scott Bingham ( files the first ever FOIA lawsuit against the DoJ to free confiscated video related to Flight 77 and/or its attack on the Pentagon.

- April: The groundbreaking video Loose Change is officialy released, enthusiastically pushing the Hunt The Boeing line, as well as the pods on the NY attack planes.

- June: Issue of Scientific American taking on "9/11 conspiracy theories" which, icluding the Pentagon missile thesis, are "easily refuted."

- November: Loose Change Second Edition released, drops the pods to Jayhan's dismay, keeps the no-757 arguments and puts most weight behind a cruise missile theory.

2006: Skepticism mushrooms, the Set-up becomes Obvious
- May 1: Screw Loose Change starts publishing

- May 16: Judicial Watch releases its copy of the Pentagon security cameras, octained via FOIA lawsuits.

- June - August: Suicide by Sam Danner: The sad tale of a liar and the lying liars who chose to believe him.

- July 31: Gov. release of Moussaoui trial evidence online. Includes new photos of the Pentagon attack, including plane parts and burnt bodies - possibly airline passengers.

- August 4 2006: Popular Mechanics Book Debunking 9/11 Myths is released, foreword by Sen. John McCain. Haven't read it but sure they had a hoot with the Pentagon fraudsters.

- August: Re-cut of Loose Change Second Edition released with "errors" fixed and Naudet Brothers material removed as per lawsuits. Haven't seen it, but Pentagon issues likely the same.

- August 10: approximate date of a Washington Post poll (all original links since died?) showing 30% of Americans no longer recall what YEAR 9/11 happened in. Most still got the right month.

- August 11 2006: NTSB releases Flight 77 Flight Data Recorder information - FDR info cuts off while the plane is still 500 feet awayand well in the air. It's also on a different flight path, north of the Navy Annex and Citgo, conflicting witht the 9/11 Commission's official flight path, supposedly drawn from this same NTSB data. The old path has the plane south of these and on the right path to cause the building damage and light pole clipping. The NTSB's release is inconsistent with light pole and building damage. Predictably, questions arise and surface in early 2007 to major effect.

- September 11: Citgo video of the attack is released after extended lawsuits and shows more nothing than anything yet.

- September 11: LetsRoll 911's 911 Inside Job? (LetsRoll): Who ordered the forum pulled on 9/11/06?

- October 11 2006: South Park's "Mystery of the urinal deuce" episode airs with Cartman's 9/11 questions, including the Pentagon fraud, and the clear message that the 1/4 of the american people are retarded.

- October 14: A Time/CBS poll in fact shows that 28% of all americans feel the government is "mostly lying" about 9/11, compared to 16% that feel we've gotten the whole truth.

- Late December: Release of Doubletree Hotel videos to ScottBingham - shows nothing but what seems to be a helicopter and later the explosion rising from behind a raised highway.

2007: A New Trajectory for the Fraud
- Mid-January: Pilots for 9/11 Truth release the video "Pandora's Black Box: Chapter 2, the Flight of American 77." A poorly-edited and sleepily narrated mess based on the FDR "as provided by the NTSB following the full flight in real time as it happens in the air traffic system on Sept. 11, 2001." (Chapter one seems to be simply a breakdown of the animation).

- Late February: Release of new 9/11 video, the PentaCon, by Citizen's Investigative Team. Its 80-min. "smoking gun" version draws on four eyewitnesses, nothing more, to prove that the gray plane that didn't hit the Pentagon flew to the north of the Citgo, and could not have clipped the light poles (which were planted) or damaged the building (done with bombs). It does this without even drawing on the NTSB animation that verifies it, but refer's to the Pilots video.


Anonymous said...

Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?

Caustic Logic said...

Easy. It's the kid. there's usually none of the imagined horrors actually lurking there in the shadows. But when I turn the light on these days, I see things that scare the hell out of me. I don't blame people for wanting to remain in the dark.

BG said...

When you say that Loose Change was ground breaking, what ground was broken? Maybe it was ground breaking compared to Fahrenheit 9/11, but there were several films that contains many of the plot elements before it.

I think your analysis is turning out to be a consistently low quality effort.

Caustic Logic said...

Basically all the arguments in Loose Change were from somewhere else to be sure. The gound broken was not argument or content-based - I think we all the know the ground I mean. The impact on the popular psyche. The slickness of production, the sly presentation and funny bits, the angry moments, the real questions and the wild theories. It is well-made, widely marketed, widely seen, and fairly effective at finally unleashing pent-up suspicions and doubts in literally millions of minds.

Others have been in the skeptic zone for a while. I was there from about 7:00 PST on September 11 2001. But as for the recent surge of 9/11 skepticism to a nationwide plurality status - the numbers keep going up - where are they now? 84%? (that's counting ALL categories of skepticism, including "they're hiding something." - Loose Change-bred MIHOP people probably no more than 25% - which is itself huge) Ask any random grouping of 200 recently-proclaimed 9/11 skeptics who gave them their final push to come out and say it, and I'd guess nearly half would cite LC. No other single work had ever had such a pervasive effect before, and likely none will again. Ergo, ground was broken.

You said: "I think your analysis is turning out to be a consistently low quality effort."

Aw, shucks. Thanks for the encouragement. Of course I'm not perfect, but I'd like to know who I'm being compared to here.