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Adam Larson / Caustic Logic
The Frustrating Fraud
July 7 2009
Updated July 21

Enver Masud is some kind of “peace activist” based in Virginia and a 9/11 Truther who made it onto my mega-list of no-757-at/in-the-Pentagon theorists just for saying "after three years of investigation, I still can't offer an alternative theory. But I have collected sufficient evidence to show that it is very unlikely a Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon." Three years wasted just to say what so many others have – he’s only interested in insisting the “official story” must be wrong, but tacitly admits there’s no other explanation that doesn’t sound moonbat stupid.

Was I hasty for including him on my list? The other day I was informed of an upcoming public event he’s hosting a few days hence dedicated to hammering on that very point. This late in the game, mid-2009, anyone honest and not deeply impaired has no more excuse. Mr. Masud is the founder of something called “The Wisdom Fund,” which is - unwisely - hosting this "National Security Briefing" that “will reveal groundbreaking, independent, verifiable evidence” regarding “the official account of American Airlines Flight 77 that is alleged to have struck the Pentagon on September 11, 2001” and therefore possesses “serious geopolitical and historical implications.” Oh my gosh, look at all those syllables – no abbreviations for this highly serious person!

Too bad everything to be presented is known to be utter trash. The featured speakers aside from Masud are to be Citizen Investigation Team (both Aldo Marquis and Craig Ranke are slated) and Pilots for 9/11 Truth (represented by one Lt. Col. Shelton Lankford, who somehow isn’t on my fraud-ass liar list yet). Founder Rob Balsamo’s frequent flier miles are apparently as run out as his phone cards. These two “brother organizations” are generally understood – within and without the “Truth movement” - to be the most pathetically persistent, obnoxiously dishonest, banned-everywhere manipulative provocateurs with among the highest debunk-to-learning ratios ever recorded.

Aldo and Craig’s CIT has a new website claiming a legal strategy and citizen call to arms etc., even using words like “misprison of treason.” It almost looks impressive if you haven’t already seen the clowns in their dressing room, dressing as clowns. They will talk as serious as they need to and in fact get louder the deeper into credibility deficit they drag themselves. They will be sharing their “time for action” spiel based on their few oddly wrong NoC witnesses, their epic fails at mangling other witness evidence to fit the notion, and their completely fabricated and insane fly-over explanation.

Now obviously pilots are smart expert people since they know how to fly,or used to, or whatever, and Masud will have you know “Pilots for 9/11 Truth obtained the Flight Data Recorder data following a Freedom of Information Act request filed with the National Transportation Safety Board.” Yes they did, and they’ve located several genuine discrepancies between the final seconds of data and the final seconds of the “official flight path.” They’ve tried hard to avoid the obvious conclusion that the two times just don’t correlate since the data stops short of the final seconds of flight and the impact. That’s why it’s higher than it should be, pitching differently, on a different heading, and in a different location.Masud explains further:
Leaving aside the discrepancies between the official account of Flight 77, and the Flight Data Recorder, Pilots for 9/11 Truth calculated a radius equal to about 579 feet. From this they calculated the force on the Boeing 757 at 34 Gs, i.e. 34 times the force due to gravity. There has been some criticism of the calculations performed by Pilots for 9/11 Truth, and they have answered their critics. [bold mine - see below)
I forgot that they ever claimed 34 Gs, which is insanely impossible (I hear). For a while they had stuck with a corrected 11.2 Gs, which still was considered fatal to a 757. This too was admitted wrong by Balsamo and crew, and they answered with the same error, slightly modified to 10.14 Gs, and it took many months to complete this in over-hyped video form. The “answer” was a link to that video (as above), and my own review is here. To summarize, they use a stupid method to decide the starting altitude at the Navy Annex, completely ignoring two of their own key witnesses (Paik and Morin), then presume a straight descent from there to the first light poles, followed by a sudden leveling. I don’t even need to be an expert to see why this approach (falsely labeled “the government story”) yields whacked-out impossible numbers. I don't know the numbers on my purple arc, but it looks pretty reasonable to me.
Masud's reason for such serious concern in gathering these great minds is partly explained in a recent missive entitled “Scientific Evidence That Flight 77 Did Not Strike The Pentagon." Ooh, scientific evidence! I’ve spent a while looking at that myself (see to the right, and below). Among the thing’s he’s sure to have seen then is the neat line along which all damage happened – through five light poles torn down and tossed aside, a trailer-size diesel generator, vent structure, construction trailers and fence, and then through the building – outer wall, support columns, inner office space, walls, furniture, and human inhabitants, scattering as it went, until a few heavy parts exited through another exterior wall into the A-E drive. There’s the scientific uniform match of airplane debris with a 757 painted in American Airlines standards, and the scientific process that identified nearly all bodies with DNA and the passengers of Flight 77 (though I confess I wasn’t there and can’t prove that process was not faked). There’s the flight data recorder, which contained the data for all but the last few seconds of flight, describing its own journey leading towards just the spot where it was found. A careful correlation of eyewitness accounts yields the usual outliers and memories that diverge on certain details, but a general pattern emerges consistent with one craft – an AA 757 – doing one thing – crashing into the Pentagon’s ground floor. The radar data also matches, as does the available surveillance video.

Nothing about any of this fails to comport with the rest, no matter how many perceived “anomalies” people want to pretend exist. Masud in response offers and spends paragraphs carefully explaining “A simple formula, familiar to high school students, [that] may debunk the official account...” and later "this fact [that PFT's calc's provide crazy numbers] alone is sufficient to debunk the official account of Flight 77." Is it any wonder I don’t feel like learning the formulas now and double-checking? Math on paper does not trump three-dimensional reality, especially when you set up your variables wrong. If it seems to contradict the facts on the ground, then you did it wrong. Masud didn’t even do it himself I’m sure – he merely cites Pilots for Twoof’s previous findings (“they calculated”), previously shown wrong many times (just Google it). No bad not doing the math, mate, I haven’t either. But one of us trusts Pilots for Twoof and one doesn’t. I'm quite happy with my choice.

Only for those who are genuinely confused, believe these people might have something, yet sane enough to recognize epic idiocy when you see it, just look for a bit and you’ll find it becomes quite clear. For those who can make it to the “briefing” and would like to have your voice heard or pretend these things are worth confronting the given info is this:

July 11, 2009
10:00 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.
NRECA Conference Center
4301 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA
Admission is free. Lunch not provided. Aldo will have to bring his own buffet. It should be some wicked sick entertainment. I'll follow the news from it but then back to hibernation for me.

Update, 7/21:
Nothing yet except some fun little spats about attendance numbers. looks like "tens," perhaps nearing 100 attended. Whoot. Some uber-serious things were probably said, future of mankind, global justice, mistrial of prison, yada yada. NO video or anything yet. When there is I'll check the content and have a little fun batting around that ball of yarn. Whoot.