Thursday, May 1, 2008

THE VIDEO RECORD {masterlist}

The reason the attack on the Pentagon has been able to be such a magnet for controversy and speculation, since the day of 9/11, is that unlike the vividly witnessed New York leg of the assault, this one happened out of public view. There was no video of the plane hitting. Of course there are those for whom even such an image is insufficient proof of an attack by a real hijacked airliner, but without such a single piece of undeniable evidence, even reasonable people have been led to let the mystery take hold and turn their imaginations loose.

Note: this is NOT a frame from any video - it's a collage I made from three or four different frames to say "hey, here's the video section!"

Of course there is the physical evidence and the eyewitness accounts to draw on in piecing the scene together, but in a surveillance age, it seems there had to be some video or at least still images we'd been allowed to see of the moment of impact. Indeed there is a video record, though it's been kept remarkably tightly sealed from 2001-2006 as the various Hunt The Boeing arguments unfurled their vines of speculation and obfuscation. Last year, however, the pool of evidence began opening up and expanding what we can learn from. This masterlist will direct you to posts here, both up and upcoming, dealing with the emerging video record of that mysterious attack.
History of the Video Record:
> Nothing to see here: The initial catalog of unseen video
> The 2002 Stills: From ??? with love.
> The FOIA Wars: Farrell vs DoD vs Bingham vs DoJ - the tangle of lawsuits in search of the hidden videos.
Pentagon CCTV Video, released Feb 2002/May 2006
Left, camera two, from which five frames were release in 2002. Right, comparable frame from camera one. Both were released as one frame/second "video" in 2006 after lawsuits (see above).
What They Saw: Understanding the field of vision - the cameras were located side-by-side at the secuity gate guarding access to the north parking lot. Their field of view was 90 degrees, with fisheye lenses, south across the access road, the Pentagon's west face, and the west lawn and heliport.
- Update, 2/15: I just updated the blocked view field - my previous one was too narrow and too close to the building. this one is based on four sample lines approximating widths across the field of view as based on landmarks like the crook in the foreground walkway, the heliport, and the app. base of the building and shadow line. All the measurement lined up failry well,indicating that this almost the precise angle, location, and width of that which would be hidden from the view of camera 2, and I feel confident in this as my final take on the matter.
- Update, 7/25: I also fixed the mislabeling of the plane positions (cams 1 and 2 had been switched), and narrowd down the camera 2 position in the top left box to the same pylon as the security bar.
> The White Blur: Of smoke and Mirrored Surfaces - an analysis of moving vs. stationary objects in the five frames, with "black tailfin" and 2006 "nosecone" included.
> Correcting for the fisheye effect
> Measuring the Crime Scene
> Distance/Speed, frame rate and camera offset analysis and exploring the possibility of one or three frames missing: Flight 77's Home Stretch
Citgo Video, released September 2006
> - External link: Loose Change Forum Russell Pickering explains the Citgo video and what it shows to Loose Changers – including eventual Pentagon forum moderator Lyte Trip. Excellent read, and based on his massive research and on-site inspections - with Lyte (aka Craig Ranke) and Merc (Aldo Marquis) of the north of the Citgo flight path-promoting PentaCon.
- Citgo Video Analysis: station and camera layout, embedded videos of the shadow and two flashes and some initial analysis - a bit dated now.
- How the Citgo Video Contradicts the North-Side Claim: An Analysis of... Flight 77's Shadow? Some excellent clues say yes, and it's south of the station.
- Who is Person #1?
- Citgo camera mystery and mystery camera
- Proof that CIT was manipulated? - on manager Barbara's 'proof' that the video was altered.
Doubletree video, released December 2006
> The Doubletree video: analysis forthcoming. Some see a plane wing or tailfin there, but I don't think they undesrstand what they're looking at. It shows the explosion but neither the plane nor the Pentagon itself. This camera just didn't have the field of view to give us what we're looking for.
Other Videos, not released yet
> Total FBI-confiscated videos remaining unreleased: 83.
> Pentagon security cameras unreleased, Number unknown. All but the two gate cameras But for example, one camera I'd like to see the video from.
> "Details Regarding the Confiscated Security Videos Of Pentagon Attack." An excellent thread at Above Top started by Craig Ranke (Jack Tripper) based on on-site investigations with Russell Pickering. There are some interesting photos and facts in there about confiscated video, removed cameras, and other suspicious secrecy. Will help fill the gap 'till I get something more up.
A Reason for the Secrecy Besides Hiding the anti-757
> Bees Around Honey, Flies Aroud Sh*t: Is it getting sticky in here, or is that just me?

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