Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Pentagon clock stopped at 9:57:40, almost precisely 20 minutes after the official story’s 9:37:46 impact of a pirated Boeing 757. The cause of this stoppage is NOT good evidence of the moment of the ‘first event;’ it seems to have frozen by melting, after one gear too many fused together in the jagged inferno that took nearly 200 lives.
This post is primarily to organize sub-posts of the Pentagon Attack Timeline Questions series, a project inspired by the 9:32 revisionism campaign spearheaded by Barbara Honegger.
Part 1 - The Elastic Timeline. Collapse time revision, intro to 9:38 evidence, 9:43 event evidence.
Part 2 - Another Six Back? The 9:32 Case. Honeegger, Gaffney, Terral - three different cases tap into the 9:32 frozen clocks.
Part 3 - 9:32 Event Evidence Addressed Does it hold water? Only in powdered form.
Part 4: 9:38 Event Evidence Addressed
Part 5: Fun with Timelines (forthcoming)
Timeline Indicated by Preponderance of Evidence:
8:20 am: American Airlines Flight 77 departs Dulles International Airport (about 20 miles from the Pentagon and the Capitol) headed for Los Angeles, ten minutes behind schedule.

8:54 - Flight 77 is hijacked, leaves its charted course, turns to the south, loses transponder signal and stops communicating with controllers.

8:55-9:25 - The hijacked flight turns east and travels back towards it point of origin near Washington. Controllers do not have access to primary radar, so with transponder off the plane becomes invisible for a half-hour until it appears on Washington-area screens at 9:25.

9:34-9:37 – The plane enters its final loop before impact, turning 330 degrees southwest of the Pentagon in three minutes, dropping the whole time. It then straightens out on a magnetic heading of 70 degrees and closes in straight and fast.

9:37:46 (give or take a few seconds) – impact with ground floor of the Pentagon’s west face at 530 mph.

Time given to evacuate the building: none.

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