Thursday, March 8, 2007


Witness: Mickey Bell/Jack Singleton/singleton's Equipment
Last Updated 3/13/07

Creds: Bell was on-site foreman with Singleton Electric Co. Inc., the Wedge One electrical subcontractor. His memory of the attack was unclear when his boss, Jack Singleton, president of said co., explained the event from his own understanding.
Location: construction area, between trailer and building, perhaps fifty feet from impact.
Account (Singleton): "Where the plane came in was really at the construction entrance. The plane's left wing actually came in near the ground and the right wing was tilted up in the air. That right wing went directly over our trailer, so if that wing had not tilted up, it would have hit the trailer. My foreman, Mickey Bell, had just walked out of the trailer and was walking toward the construction entrance."
other reports: "The jet came in from the south and banked left as it entered the building, narrowly missing the Singleton Electric trailer and the on-site foreman, Mickey Bell."
"Bell, who had been less than 100 feet from the initial impact of the plane, was nearly struck by one of the plane´s wings as it sped by him. In shock, he got into his truck, which had been parked in the trailer compound, and sped away. […] The full impact of the closeness of the crash wasn´t realized until coworkers noticed damage to Bell´s work vehicle. He had plastic and rivets from an airplane imbedded in its sheet metal, but Bell had no idea what had happened."

Map 1: Bell's location and vantage point: Rather surpsrining in fact he was able to even breathe after this, let alone drive. This is perhaps due to the vortex effect, the plane's trajectory and cleared space inside drew in the worst of the fires, leaving the inside a burning hell, the outside relativelt calm.

Bell himself apparently remembers nothing, and so his account is, well, nonexistent. Instead what we have here is his boss putting it together in his stead. Singleton wasn't laboring to make a southern flight case, and so made no mention of the smashed generator that was not cleared as the trailer was, its destruction testifying to the right engine passing that way (orange in map above). The right-high banking seen in this impact and the subsequent clearing of the trailer is also consistent with physical damage to the building and with certain other accounts.

App. right engine path: Bell would've been back in there to the right a bit. Smashed generator at far right. Note also the torn fence. If this was faked, I'd love to an explanation of how.

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