Monday, June 4, 2007


June 4 2007

I haven't been able to post anything new, update my old posts, or respond to new comments lately, as I've just stumbled into a major hullaballoo about the supposed NTSB flight path animation for Flight 77. In the post TEN DEGREES FROM TRUE: THE "NTSB ANIMATION" IS FLAT WRONG, first done at Above top the same night (May 27) I outlined my case as to why the animation discrepancy Pilots for 9/11 Truth had used for their video Pandora's Black Box actually worked against the Pilots. This is becuase it is internally inconsistent, showing both a 90 and a 70 degree heading at the same time, and because of it's unclear paper trail and NTSB pedigree.

Frequent references to a "new" animation that popped up during the thread turned out to be another copy of the same animation also said to be from the NTSB. This DVD was recieved May 24 and posted online May 26. Also The Pilots had just re-obtained it themselves, all the same problems and all, this time with a better cover letter and stronger NTSB linkage. The shadow possibility that this blatantly wrong animation is indeed from the officials on high is now directly the possibility I'm looking at, with all that implies or doesn't.

I had no idea all this was happening as I started that thread based on what I knew - oops - and now I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, as Pilots founder John Doe X is calling me and my cohorts out for not knowing our stuff, and challenging us to contact the NTSB ourselves. But it's too late to turn back now, and the next step is indeed to get some information from the NTSB myself.

So nothing new right now, but this week I'll have something to report.

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