Monday, February 4, 2008


This video was posted at Youtube in August 2007 by "giftmitch" with the following explanation:
Now what is presented here in its short form has got to be more than satisfactory to any reasonably clear headed thinker to deduce on their own that in fact there was "no Boeing 757, 767, 737, 707 or 747 near, on or about the general premises of the Pentagon on September 11th 2001.

Sounds pretty serious. Glen Stanish, Jim Marrs, Jim Fetzer, Fred Fox (new to me), Al Stubblebine (Ol' Stubby), and Russ Wittenberg spew more sophistry about their fifty million experdiot opinions about WHY no plane hit the Pentagon. I don't mind if anyone watching this thinks it seems overwhelmingly logical, but I challenge anyone to dig in to the reasoning behind any of these claims and find one that's actually well-founded and actually proves what it's claimed to prove. Just one. Comments selection below is open.
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Then watch this later discussion in the parliament hall of the great nation of Japan: Presenter: Councilor Yukihisa Fujita of Democratic Party of Japan, the main opposition party, on January 10, 2008.

I challenge anyone to find one claim in here that wasn't first fraudulently offered by the experdiots in the video above and their ilk. I believe it's Wittenberg who is referred to as "a U.S. airforce official," cited in what seems to be heartfelt attempt by Fujita to question Japan's role in the US "War on Terror." It's always disheartening to see legitimate goals supported by fraudulent reasoning, like seeing a beautiful house you'd love to live in, built on the worst eroding slope around, and you just know it'll be in the river within a week...
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bileduct said...

Major lols at Ol' Stubby. It took me a while to finally connect the dots with this guy - I remember picking up Jon Ronson's "The Men Who Stare At Goats" in a moment of sheer boredom (desperation?) at an airport bookstore after my Melbourne to Canberra flight was delayed. I was familiar with his walking through walls, psychic healing and bursting the hearts of animals with your mind nonsense, but didn't realise he'd jumped on the no-plane at the Pentagon bandwagon.

Wittenberg's comments are rather astonishing. Do you understand the basis of the "at speeds exceeding the design limit speed by well over 100 knots" claim? This to me seems like another one of those wild "faster than free-fall speed!" WTC collapse assertions.

Caustic Logic said...

Yeah, he can walk through walls and all that but when it comes to a 757 at 530 and a slightly smaller hole IN the wall no way...

Wittenberg: No I don't know in detail. Damn, you found a claim I don't have an answer for. I'd suspect some third-hand fuzzy math applied to his real experience?