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Besides the curious lack of video verification, one of the reasons earlier no-plane-at-the-Pentagon theories managed to survive was that they offered few if any concrete assertions, primarily focusing on what they believe DIDN’T happen. But Karl .B. Schwarz saw the writing on the wall by 2005 and dismissed the no-plane theories, linking to Jim Hoffman’s refutation of the one engine (missile) theory.

But he differed from Hoffman on the probable type, and here is where Schwarz’s theory fails; he narrows it down to specific model that can be easily verified or refuted. Between the gear photos, eyewitness accounts, and the damage pattern, he saw clear signs of Pratt & Whitney JT8D model engines, as used on the nearly phased-out A3 Sky Warrior, a largish fighter jet first made in 1962.

His specificity gave his theory a short shelf-life, with his first arguments appearing in December 2004, followed quickly by the February 2005 release of his “Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble, part 5.” Russell Pickering exchanged a few e-mails with Schwarz around this time, offering research indicating it clearly was not an A3, but he never heard a word back as Karl amped up his campaign. On March 2 Schwarz was joined by Jon Carlson’s first A3 piece, which spurred Pickering’s first counter-argument on May 3. The three of them have been at it ever since, into mid-2006 at least, Schwarz and Carlson citing almost nothing but each other, and Pickering offering solid fact and logic. Let’s take a quick look at the case to see who wins.

The A3 Skywarrior is 76 feet long, about half the length of a 757, and has a wing-span of about 72 feet, just over half that of the alleged Flight 77. Of course its engines are also much closer, giving us roughly a 30-foot-wide penetrating core, which does not match the 70-foot-wide entry wounds at the Pentagon nearly as well as a 757 with its fifty-foot-wide core hitting at a 45 degree angle (such destruction from an A3 would be less than 45 feet across [Pythagorean Theorem].

Schwarz never bothered looking at the evidence for a 757 – that was all Bush lies, the official story that had to be wrong. So he started with his WTC attack plane, fingered as the smaller 737, and pitted this against the A3 in a competition for what hit the Pentagon. Since eyewitnesses “said it had two engines hanging under the wing [and] that it was much smaller than a 737 […] The only other [matching] airframe out there that is still operational is an A3 - a process of elimination.”

His case is thus: damage pattern + eyewitness accounts = smaller plane than a 737 + engines beneath wings = A3. The conclusion is obvious; “I defy anyone to find an A3 Skywarrior in the hands of any Arab terrorist on 9-11 or any other day. There are only three sources of those jets,” all in the hands of the US Air Force and/or Raytheon. [2] It’s a remarkable craft in his estimation. Schwarz asked radio host John Stadtmiller “you remember when that picture was taken at the Pentagon of the people carrying the wing out? […] There's a lot you can tell about the shape of that wing even though it is underneath that blue tarp. That wing is a configuration of an A3, not a 757." [3] So he sees an A3 hitting the bunker and plowing itself at least 75 feet deep, its wings just cutting the concrete building in half like butter, and sees one of them later carried away intact enough to tell its original size and shape. What the hell kind of metals does he think that plane is made of? And that he's using the "blue tarp smuggling op" as evidence for his plane is so silly I just peed myself.

But it’s not just the super cutting wings that sealed it for him anyway, but the telltale engine. Small engine parts + eyewitness reports + damage pattern = A3 = JT8D, apparently the official engine of A3 Skywarriors everywhere. But the knowledgable folks at Aerospaceweb were perplexed. “We have not found any source that indicates the JT8D was ever used on the A-3 Skywarrior, so it is unclear why the originators of the A-3 theory are so infatuated with this particular powerplant.” [4] Russell Pickering checked out their claims, and found (and showed) a website that listed all A3's in service and their registration numbers, which could be internet searched to further pages showing just which engine that craft is equipped with. Pickering did so and concluded “you can go through this drill on every single active A3 and there is no JT8D ever mentioned.” [5] So Schwarz gave us his hard proof of the Bush lie, and he put his reputation on the line with a plane and engine model, neither of which fits the crime scene and which have nothing to do with each other. By citing a craft of such limited numbers, in fact, he set this up so it was not only debunkable but swiftly debunkable.

I’m not sure why he chose such a strategy while ratcheting up the revolutionary political rhetoric. His "Pop goes the Bush mythology bubble part 5” piece made a few good points, like about Bush Sr. sending Shiites to the slaughter in the 1990s so his son could use the mass “excuse graves” to justify his “oil on the brain” war. But the meat and potatoes of his short, vague essay is precisely the A3 Skywarrior theory Pickering and others have so easily tossed aside. That was it besides overblown rhetoric. I heard something pop but it wasn’t any Bush mythology, and I'm left wondering if Karl ever stopped working as a Bush sr. Strategist AND why he's being so overly-obvious in his disinfo tomfoolery. He could tell way better lies than these if he wanted to.

Update: Funny picture I found "proving" an A3 at the Pentagon using the CCTV video and ridiculous enhancements. They may as well have drwn in the little needle-nose thing to boot.

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