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Adam Larson
Caustic Logic / The Frustrating Fraud
December 12, 2006
(slight edit and re-post: 1/12/07)

Karl Schwarz
Future President Karl Schwarz with the nanotech insight on the 9/11 evidence
Another rebel slingshot from the Republican ranks that has staked a claim in the honeypot minefield of the 9/11 Truth movement is the wealthy Arkansas-based entrepreneur, conservative Republican, and politician Karl W. B. Schwarz. Schwarz describes himself as a “strong supporter and strategist” for President George HW Bush, once asked by the RNC to run against Bill Clinton for Arkansas governor, and one of the “lead orchestrators” of the GOP sweep of Congress during Clinton’s second term. “I designed the strategy that took the House and Senate from Clinton,” he has boasted, but he did so a bare two years before he somehow “realized the Republican "Contract with America" was actually a "Contract on America.”” [1]

He later began "using his inside political and business clout to expose corruption among the neo-cons in the Bush administration,” and by June 2006, Schwarz was showing up, wearing a Bush “international terrorist” t-shirt, in Budapest, Hungary when the president visited. As Free Market News put it, Schwarz was “attracting attention from passersby, and being relatively unhindered in doing so” until just before Bush’s limo arrived, when he was turned back by local police. [2] Since jumping the GOP ship, he’s also authored a book called “One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas - A Conservative Republican Speaks Out on September 11, 2001 (911), Afghanistan, Iraq, Bush Cheney 2004, Imperial Oil 'Strategeries"” It was published in 2004 by a company called “RPC,” on which I can find no information, the same year he signed the 9/11 Truth letter in October, a rite of passage for the more politically-minded Truthers.

Indeed he has political ambitions. His website explains Schwarz has “previously been a member of both the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee. He quit both when he saw first hand that each had sold out to elite international corporate special interests, and each was corrupt beyond repair.” [3] Therefore, he’s running for President in 2008, explaining “this country is on the brink of financial collapse and world war. I couldn't possibly screw it up any worse than they already have.” He's running on the “unification” third party ticket, an inheritor/usurper of the Reform party tradition. “As crazy as this might sound at first,” wrote campaign adviser Jack Allis, “Schwarz makes a very compelling case, [...] and a rare opportunity indeed exists to have the type of impact Ross Perot had on the election in 1992, and far greater." By uniting the diposessed plurality, Schwarz hoped to "[topple] the Republicans and the Democrats from their stranglehold of power;" as Schwarz is fond of pointing out, “over seventy million eligible voters didn't vote in the 2004 election. That's almost one-third of the total electorate.” [4]

His political strategy seems semi-plausible on the surface, and his pronouncements are often right on-mark, which can be taken either as a sign of sincerity or of demagoguery. Unfortunately his case regarding the central plank of 9/11 is troubling. While his general take on 9/11 Truth includes the compelling circumstantial evidence – who benefited, etc. – and is fairly sound and well-put, his brusque certainty may be off-setting to fence-sitters, and he gets well tangled in the physical wreckage. In fact he's one of the worst purveyors of absolutely fraudulent, slapped-together self-referrential theories I've yet seen (see the links near the end of the post). For example, he cites an article by a "Jon Carlson" posted at analyzing photos of engine and landing gear parts found at Ground Zero in Manhattan and positively identifying them as from a Boeing 737, not the 767s that allegedly hit the towers. [5] This was to be a key plank of the presidential campaign, as adviser Jack Allis explained that Schwarz has something better than an anonymous e-mail to back it up: “a piece of obscure video footage which will conclusively show that the government lied about what type of plane struck the South Tower of the WTC.” [6] The flipside to this supposed video revelation is the otherwise total video coverup. Yet this troubling case is to be the final proof of an inside job by “four-star clowns, liars and frauds.” [7]

Regarding the Frustrating Fraud, he touches on the theory of only one jet engine recovered at the Pentagon, good evidence for a missile (as per Loose Change: “there was a single turbojet engine approximately three feet in diameter found inside the building” How can they fit so many errors in such a short sentence?) But Karl actually cites this theory as an error, and links to Jim Hoffman’s quality page on the evidentiary flaws with no-plane at the Pentagon theories. [8] While he’s shown his willingness to reject the missile theory, Schwarz is more famous for his positive identification - he sees evidence for two engines, both JT8D turbojets as used on the A3 SkyWarrior, a nearly-phased out military plane and presumably under remote control. He was prominently cited in Loose Change, second edition, as identifying the engine parts seen at Pentagon as from an A3, presented right after their assertion that it there was only one; apparently their most likely culprit if the missile theory doesn’t pan out.

For credentials, Avery cites Schwarz’ being President and CEO of something called Patmos Nanotechnologies, a rather scientific-sounding job. The website explains he is also “Chairman, Chief Executive Officer of The Sassenach Capital Trust, LLC.” LLC, which Patmos also is, means “limited liability company,” which means limited liability to its owners, making it similar to a corporation but more flexible. According to Wikipedia, an LLC is especially suited for “smaller companies with a limited number of owners.” [9] I would guess it's also ideal for dummy companies meant not to turn a profit but to provide cover for other operations.

Many have cited Patmos as a non-existent, but I wouldn’t go so far. They do have a website that says a bit, if curiously incomplete. They are based in Alpharetta , GA, with contact info mentioning Schwarz by name and giving his cell phone number. “Locations” and “press announcements” pages are empty, saying only: “enter content here.” But another page explains the company specializes in “high purity, high morphology, high commercial volume Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Nanofibers” which seem to be used in high-end electronics. They pursue a “unique blend of private sector financing and business experience coupled with some of the leading scientific minds in the world." The company is also "one of but a few nanotechnology firms that is not aligned with a single university and that is for a good reason. Nanotechnology is a science and no one person or institution has a control over this dynamic new science […] Patmos management prefers to work with multiple universities, government and private labs, and individual scientist.” (singular form in original) [10] Patmos' Carbon Nanostructures can be used for a wide variety of applications, the site explains, including explosive sensors, anti-Terrorism, homeland security, stealth technology, UAV applications, and aerospace – not exactly the kind of company that normally tries to take down the post-9/11 Homeland Security State that has been such a boon to these fields.

Howard Lovy’s blog on nanotechnology noted back in an October 2004 post “Invisible Nanotech CEOs for Truth?” “Trouble is, if there really is such a nanotech company” as Patmos, “it's done its best to stay below the radar. Perhaps corporate invisibility is a new nanotech product?” [11] He was inundated with comments he later described as coming from “an annoying mailing list from some folks who have some kind of agenda against [Schwarz].” These cited several “vaporous companies” Schwarz has headed, and linked him with the Global Crossings corporate fiasco. Lovy summed up “frankly, I don't care about whatever he's peddling, nor do I care too much about those who are trying to expose him. None of the public information about Patmos and Schwarz makes any sense to me. I just wish he had chosen some other trendy mumbo jumbo techno-jabber on which to base his shell company.” [12]

He’s also been attacked by those within the movement who do care: WING TV’s Victor Thorn, Zionist-obsessed Eric Hufschmid, Gerard Holmgren (a 9/11 “no-planes” theorist from Australia also widely believed to be “the Web Fairy”) at least have all attacked Schwarz as a spook infiltrator, liar, and/or cheat. [14] Curiously, Phil Jayhan at LetsRoll 911 suspected that Schwarz and “Jon Carlson” of WTC 737 fame were actually the same person, and asked his fellow members for information to bolster evidence he had of activities that “if proven true, are Criminal in nature.” He wanted to know all about Schwarz – including his Social security number and “the number of freckles on his left butt-cheek.” [13] Other members did the same Google searches Jayhan could have and posted the usual info, with several members dismissing Schwarz/Carlson’s engine evidence in New York, unlike everywhere else, as an aggravating red herring. The thread ended unresolved – apparently Jayhan’s case against Schwarz went nowhere.

I don't really enjoy all this infighting, especially when all sides have such marks against them. I can't divine Schwarz's real motives nor say at this point how sincere he really is in his crusade. As usually I will base my assessment on the quality of his evidence. Though the Manhattan crime scene is outside the normal jurisdiction of this site, I'll have to look closer at the 737 claims before I can say more on that. (update: I did and he's either wrong or else things are WAY weirder than I thought). As for the Pentagon evidence and the A3 Skywarrior theory, that I have a mandate to look at and I promise a post on it soon. (update: it's up, in all its hilarious detail. I didn't even have to look at engine scematics or anything. Schwarz does an excellent job of basically debunking himself.
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Anonymous said...

Please read my very thoroughly researched story on Karl Schwarz on YaYa Canada. It is entitled, "Unfortunate Son." It contains a remarkable cache of PDFs of the source documents on this topic. I plan to provide even more fun disclosures on a number of the fringe elements confusing the web.

Madame Karnak AKA Gina de Miranda

Caustic Logic said...

Hey there Gina/Madame Karnak and thanks for the stop-by! I've heard of your piece around but for some reason didn't wind up consulting it, so thanks for the tip here and for the honor of leaving the name behind the pen name.

I just started reading the piece as I found it posted at Portland Inymedia. I was first struck with the line: "Exceptionally bright, and gifted with a near photographic memory, Karl learned quickly." Huh! I'd think he'd be pleading slight retardation to explain his ridiculously flawed theories. If he's really done his research, he'd remember that he was wrong, so there's no excuse.

I must say that is a deep and well-researched piece, and comes with a packet of extra documents to boot. Wow! I'm too busy to check that all out at the moment, but will do so. How I see it the guy's doing a pretty good job of debunking himself, but because his public rhetoris simulates valid points and conclusions about 9/11 and the American political system at large, people take him at his word. He's not going to be president tho. He's mothing but a clown and a distraction, so my advice is don't spend too much more effort on this fraud, although he is fun to make fun of. But for those who still believe just becuase he appeals to their skepticism and uses the magic "president" word, evidence like what you've put together here is useful, and the more solid the better. So kudos!

Romeo Steele said...

I think Karl Schwarz is a true blue American patriot - okay, he may have his faults and eccentricities (who doesn't?) and one doesn't have to agree with all of his sentiments, but his heart is in the right place (in a superpower nation, where neofascism and corporatist skullduggery is growing,even a relatively normal American who discovers the horrible extent of the U.S. government's involvement with state terrorism, narco-profiteering, war business, bureaucratic corruption, assassinations of public figures and private citizens and other kinds of crime politics...well,anyone can go a little crazy in the emotional level---and when you discover the hypocrisy of the Democratic and Republican party system, the control of mainstream media and the absurdity of the Federal Reserve, the Patriot Act and other's only natural for any freedom-loving patriot to despair a little, on how pervasive the octopus-spider network has become, more commonly known as the globalist conspiracy or the Illuminati or the Cryptocracy or the international Cabal or the Talmudic-Zionist-Masonic power elite...or you could simply call them Luciferians: those super-rich, sophisticated, sexualicentious, snakesmart, sabbatean Satanists with their own code words, horrible rituals, front networks, paid puppets and peons, secret armies of mercenaries and expert killers and God knows what else.) We don't even need more inside stories about their plans and strategies being hatched in the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, Skull & Bones, the Bohemia Grove, the intelligence agencies, etc. when a lot of them are already out in the open, from depopulation programs (killer viruses) and false flag attacks (9-11), from RFI embedded microchips to more withering away of democracy, civil liberties and human rights...all toward their Mad Dream of a cashless economy, one world government Totalitarin Rule by the elites.
Onward patriots!
Fight the good fight of faith!
Truth Justice Liberty
Love Grace Mercy
Peace Progress Positivity

Caustic Logic said...

Romeo: Something tells me that's not the screen name your mama gave you, but it sure is heroic sounding. I consider this essentially spam, but approved it becuase someone put some work in and it's sorta interesting.

"I think Karl Schwarz is a true blue American patriot"

Maybe so, but he's also a ridiculous liar. Cartoon nonsense. He's an utter clown, the one the other clowns laugh at to make themselves look serious to impressionable idiots.

That this guy champions the anti-NWO cause is not a good sign for that cause. However, that stuff stands on its own merits and is another issue I can't comment on with any real insight.

Madame Karnak said...

Caustic L,

Just caught your comments as I started working on an "update" on sleazeballs infecting the truth movements. Up for a sequel?

Madame Karnak

Anonymous said...

I think Karl Schwartz is a fruitcake, on everything he writes.