Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Adam Larson / Caustic Logic
The Frustrating Fraud
October 2 2007

I just found the 3-day old "Open letter to Adam Larson AKA Caustic Logic" that Craig Ranke posted at his PentaCon forum. It reads as follows:


Consider this letter a plea for logic and a friendly reaching out to get you to come over to the light side. I'm quite certain that you see how defending a 757 impact at the Pentagon is getting more and more difficult with all the new information and blatant contradictions that are being revealed. The information we are discussing is too important to let it get muddied in ego driven debates. I do not take you head on in a personal desire to prove you wrong. My first introduction to your existence was your article labeling us and our work "Pentagon sponsored disinformation" which you ultimately took down when confronted so I at least respect you for that. But your stance on the issue hasn't budged and your aggressive behavior in other forums as of late has given me reason to once again address you head on. Between the Citgo witnesses, the anomalous FDR, and the questionable physical damage including the undamaged foundation it's clear the 757 impact hypothesis has serious issues.

I think it would be very effective if you were able to concede that you no longer believe in a 757 impact and even join forces with us if you will.

I believe we could actually work together in a way and help bring light to this extremely important information showing how the Pentagon attack proves a military deception.

Just a thought.


My response was as folows:

I guess I fell behind here. I'm not even going to dignify this with a response. Oops, too late.

Light side? You and your trippy flashlyte? When I got the friggin' sun over here and always have? Are you daft, man? Do you see me even bothering to try the same back with you? See, I understand you're on a set mission, so there's no point EVER trying to change your mind with logic and evidence. I have proven more flexible - ie I admit I can't PROVE the plane's impact through the prism of the foundation photos available. That's about it. Do not mistake flexible for malleable.

Bottom line, you want to find some kind of proof 9/11 was an inside job, don't look at the Pentagon. All you'll see there is a 757 crash of unknowable origin (human or computer pilot?) and a hell of a lot of twisted disinfo based on 'counter-intuitive' evidence, confused reports, etc., and heavy prior bias The fraud is a multi-year effort of what I guess might be MILITARY DECEPTION. It has sponsors, They recruit. Theories subside and resurface. If you want to be a part of that, go interview controlled Defense Protective Services officers at the controlled scene and read all you want into it.

I do thank you for the factual informaton you have presented. It's very useful to my research. I simply have a different interpretation of the importance of your witnesses' accounts and their rough coreelation with each other.

Here's a quick insight into how the "lyte side" works, via Craig quotes:
“This is why eyewitness testimony is so important. It's the only possible way we can get to virgin data that has not been vetted and controlled. Although there are many plants and liars so it makes it quite difficult."
"If indeed the unanimous north side of the citgo station claim is correct.....this proves that the plane did not hit the building which means this was an operation of deception. Therefore it would stand to reason that some witness accounts would have been fabricated/planted."
Witnesses are the only uncontrolled source of information, except the controlled ones, and since all witnesses agrree on the north path, then the ones who don't are the plants. And it is the north-trending testimony that emerges from loop that's said to prove that however unikely (ie VERY), their previous beliefs:
all the physical evidence was faked in an amazing pre-fabricated psyop campaign of mangled and stashed poles, generator-bashing, fence-ripping, vent-scraping, windshield smashing, tree-pruning, debris scattering, engine part and landing gear deposition, linear bomb arrangements that - oops - blew the columns out instead of in and left 15-17 intact to disprove an engine, left thefoundation somehow undamage by either bomb or plane, etc. ON TOP OF the impossible flyover maneuver, faked FDR data, manipulated videos, and ALL witnesses being uniformly fooled in both visual and audio clues into believing in an impact.

If anybody would like to take the spot on the "light side" offered to me, feel free.
The foundation Issue sputters along here with neither side able to claim clear victory:
Above Top Secret forum thread
Loose Change Forum thread
All the other evidnce that must've been somehow faked is detailed here.


Arabesque said...

I think I turned to the "dark side" after the Ford Foundation funding. Then they put the hat with "Arabesque" on me to really let you know.

Pat said...

Italian blogger finds 757 landing gear photo at Pentagon:


Big nail in the coffin for the Pentagon if we can source the photo.

Caustic Logic said...

Arabesque - I'm quite happy on the dark side too. And yeah, nice hat.
Pat - I'm glad others are taking note of the new debris photo. I already posted on that below, caught it at LC. See post below... I hope "Digest" is doing okay wherever he's deployed. More apparent engine parts than all previous photos combined!