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Adam Larson / Caustic Logic
The Frustrating Fraud
April 14 2008
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No matter how much I look into it, there's plenty about the Pentagon attack and the evidence around it that's over my head. I'm no expert, but also naturally suspicious, and fear linking to erred or dishonest findings. So naturally I shy away from citing 'expert X' on whatever (especially those with "x" at the end. Or "amo.") unless I can understand the issue myself at least enough to say whether the assertion makes sense. But John Farmer's work has proven more than worthy of mention even if I haven't verified it myself. And it's occurred to me that people shouldn't only come here for the 'convoluted' results of my own analysis and findings.

In that spirit and because of its relevance to the other evidence, I must finally mention a discrepancy Farmer had previously identified - a 25.3-second timeline difference between real time/FDR and the clocks used by NEADS (Northeast Air Defense Sector) on the morning of the attack. This had previously been noted by the 9/11 Commission and borne out by comparitive analysis, and now he's elaborated on that with some additional FOIA-released information and more study.
NEADS 25.3 Second Time Difference Explained He found evidence about the NEADS clock that, rather than a steady uniform time difference:

"The patterns in the chart indicate that the NEADS radar data was NOT real-time and real-world. The pattern clearly indicates at least 3 different processing units were being used to process the data between the time it was collected at the radar site and then fed to the end-user (in this case the data files). This fits with the fact that “exercises” were running that day, but it also brings the entire NEADS segment of the data into question. I would suggest that researchers compare the NEADS radar returns with those in the SEADS databases (which appear at this point real-time) whenever possible."

I still don't get the whole thing but I'll be darned if this doesn't sound very interesting. Processing units? For NEADS, where the whole attack happened? How was the radar data being processed? Please keep an eye on this issue, in case I don't ever figure it out and 'clarify' it for everyone. Okay, everyone figure it out well in case of that eventuality, so people can set me straight right quick. ;)

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