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I had left the "truth" site LetsRoll 911 in mid-2005 with a weird, creepy feeling and no appetite for their ‘revolution.’ I cast nary a glance back until I happened to return in mid-September 2006, trying to scour the forums for some posts of mine I hadn’t archived. The first thing I saw on my return was a post with big red letters proclaiming “LetsRoll was hacked on September 11th, 2006, at 12:01 AM, only 1 minute into the day of 9/11.” This had been announced by Jayhan in a next day update, which further stated “the forums were hacked and brought down at about 5:20PM, later the same day,” thus playing the telltale role of WTC7 in their mini-9/11 drama.

But who ordered the forums “pulled?’ Jayhan’s post, featured prominently on the front page along with
the pod pictures, listed “some of the last IP's accessing LetsRoll on September 11th as it was being hacked,” and wouldn’t you know it,“all ip addresses are from the Justice Department! & 1 From the U.S. State Department!” [1] He does not specify that the government computers actually hacked the site or took down the forum, but the impression left is one of well-founded suspicion of a DoJ/State attack.

Wherever it came from, it was only a symbolic strike - the forums were soon enough re-established, and were only silenced for a few days. On September 22 I recieved a bulk e-mail from Jayhan "to let everyone know that the letsroll website and forums are now back online after being hacked on 9/11/06." No explicit connection between the two events is mentioned. "The forums are now on their own webspace, so please make note of this and bookmark the new url." [2] As they came back alive, I expected twitchy pent-up minds and typing fingers buzzing with speculation and “investigations” over the attack, certainly from a government that felt threatened by their growing popularity. But when I finally got around to combing the forum archives, I saw nothing on the apparent hack attack. One member complained they “couldn't access this site since 9/11 [...] username kept changing every time I tried to log in [...] wiped my computer clean,” but all was “ok now.” [3]

Indeed, it was all the usual business, like pushing the Frustrating Fraud. In a thread started September 25 one new poster suggested a large plane really did hit the Pentagon, casting doubt on the HTB line; “it created a 70-75 foot hole. how could a missile do that?”
(click here to see how this is correct) The party line defender was brutal with the caps lock key; “THERE WAS NOT A 70FT HOLE!!!!!!! HOW PLAIN IS THIS????? IT WAS NO GREATER THEN 20FT WIDE.......... YOU CANT FIT A B757 INTO A 20FT WIDE HOLE.... WITHOUT LEAVING THE WINGS.... ENGINES... UNDERCARIAGE BEHIND... God no wonder we are screwed..... with people such as yourself....” [4]

Finally I found some posts from Jayhan regarding the events of 9/11/06. On that very day he posted: “I just got off the phone with ipowerweb [their service provider], and get this, they took the website, LetsRoll down because it was too popular, in their own words! […] I hadn't exceeded bandwidth, nor files size. And they shut me down tonight, with no warning, on September 11th!” [5] But within a week, things were sorted out and re-established with Ipowerweb, despite the unexpected betrayal, with thanks from Jayhan for “the ones who helped me get this up and did more than they had to!” [6]

They’ve been pulled off the page since I copied them over, but those red letters Jayhan posted the day after made it seem the website was attacked by the government, and one has to dig to find that the host pulled the plug, allegedly with no warning and due to its “popularity.” Sarcasm can’t be ruled out here - every time I visit the site these days it tells me I’m the only person looking at it at the moment (one guests, zero members). The DoJ/State Internet Protocols, piggybacking on the unexplained pull, almost seem designed to boost and promote the site in the face of apparent government suppression, and perhaps get them closer to “exceeding bandwidth.” I sense Ipowerweb’s complicity at least, and possibly the hidden hand of an external benefactor. My main question remains whether the government IPs were faked by Jayhan or an affiliate, or really did come from the Bush junta.
Both have a stake in keeping this train going on its current tracks. (LetsRoll)

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, don't know what to say about this one. Other than, what are you getting at?

Caustic Logic said...

I don't want to state anything too explicitly, because I'm not sure, but just think about it:
1) Host choses to pull the plug for too much popularity.
2) Of all times at precisely 12:01 on September 11.
3) They patch things right up and stay on good terms. I'd be pissed as hell.
Already this doesn't add up and seems a cover story, especially considering the Gov. addresses accessing the site, and someone hacking it, which the host would not need to do to pull it, at this same time.
But all this lining up gives Jayhan a chance to makes it look like a symbolic attack from someone in the government with his front message, while admitting the unlikey cover story in the back channels. He never explicitly said the gov attacked him, but hinted at it with his 9/12 post and e-mail. It all seems designed to help inspire the team to feel the gov. was attacking them for their popularity.
Jayhan may have given us an entirely new illustration of how 9/11 inside jobs work. Or am I wrong to see this in such a chain of events?

Caustic Logic said...

So I guess in the big picture sense, as far as in relation to the Frustrating Fraud, if it's true that Jayhan would fake out his own 9/11 attack to spur the troops and increase traffic, then the guy is either dedicated and a bit Machiavelian (okay, no one died but still...) or just a total charlatan. If he'd do that, what else would he do? Push government lies for a steady NSA paycheck or whatever while bilking members for DVDs and T-shirts? Sure, why not...

a new world order said...

lets see, he has his REAL name, his REAL photo, attached to his forum and all his new world order exposing material.......HE IS AN AGENT

NO ONE who is REAL would willingly expose their identity so freely and carelessly on the internet attached with this kind of material.

trends over the last few years clearly prove that people using their real names and photos like they do not have a care in the world are in fact agents, or paid shills.

a new world order said...

hmmm.. lets see, a public forum thats pretty popular. and a guy named phil jayan who is so open with his identity with his name and photo up parading around exposing the new world order.

yes i would say a definite agent of the "truth movement" psyops.

nice info i will feature it.