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Adam Larson
Caustic Logic / The Frustrating Fraud
December 2006
(updated 2/6/07)

The website LetsRoll 911 (or more fully "LetsRoll 911 Made Simple") is a central player in the propagation of the Frustrating Fraud. Since its establishment in early 2004 its forums have focused on simplifying the complexities of the evidence - especially the physical - and boiling it down to digestible pellets. These could then be painted red and popped into as many mouths as possible in hopes of waking up the masses of brainwashed "sheeple" to resist the Matrix.

Let’sRoll’s front-page "pod" analysis, which they carefully compared to a real, unmodified toy plane
Sounds like a good enough idea, but of course, however it happened, their pellets were poison. The tiny hole at the Pentagon and the origins of all the gears and parts found there, obscure and shifting accounts of the WTC's construction and endless speculation on what precisely brought it down, etc. My favorite is their proud achievement in discovering “the pod or extra piece of equipment on the bottom of Flight 175” and “the missile firing from its undercarriage or side-carriage.” Both the pod and the yellow missile flash were also seen with Flight 11, if less clearly. Compare this to the official explanation: the pods were simply wing faring, the "shoulders" where the wings attack and landing gear is stored. They are roughly the shape of the attachments seen, but looked larger due to glare from the alluminum skin high in the brilliant sky. The planes then gave off yellow flashes, as aluminum would do, upon impact, not before (it’s not as easy to precisely read shadows from half a mile away as they think). While I'm not scientist enough to know for sure, I think that makes sense (as does Jim Hoffman's case at 9-11 Research).

The general consensus formed by the core members of the crew I thus came to know as “the pod people” was then passed on to others. As he was putting together 911 In Plane Site, Dave Von Kleist drew heavily on their evidence pool in developing his approach of zooming in on pixels to see the pods and the yellow flashes. Von Kleist mirrored their take on the Pentagon and mentioned their help repeatedly in the video while directing people back to the site, apparently the only one mentioned in the video.

Let'sRoll later expanded their influence, advising Korey Rowe, Nick Bermas, and Dylan Avery as their video Loose Change first took shape. IPS-boosting site administrator Phil Jayhan promoted it's planned premier in DC on 9/11/ 2004, was handing out limited copies of the first cut by mid-October, and helping sell them by the end of November. The 2nd edition from late 2005, which hewed less closely to the LetsRoll line, still thanked prominent LetsRoll member “Red Pill Neo” for his contributions, and Jayhan “for getting the first edition off the ground.” But by the second Edition, there was a rift and feud between Jayhan and Avery, which I will cover in another post.

Jayhan has also thanked himself for the site's pivotal role in world history, in a nice rumination intercepted by Jeff Wells at Rigorous Intuition: "When I decided to then publish my findings, I thought I would end up within a week, with either a bullet in my head or CNN trucks in my driveway. It was kind of a hard decision, as I really desired neither. But I chose to publish. So on April 15th, 2004, I released a press release that literally changed the face of the world and its politics. [...] Had Phil Jayhan never existed, and never taken out this website, all of you would be experiencing an alternate reality, quite different than the one which you now enjoy." [1]

I was at first intrigued with their approach and the possibility of hard proof, as seen in the LetsRoll-promoted short internet video “Pentagon Strike.” I signed up on as member “Vigilant Guardian” and so was an active member from January to March 2005, just as Loose Change was going from local fame to wider acceptance. My meager enthusiasm soon soured though as I scored a copy of the new “director’s cut” of IPS and watched it tumble right off the tracks, then returned to the LetsRoll forums. With growing trepidation and occasional rants, I watched their praise for IPS morph into missionary zeal for Loose Change, then just being finished.

Braveheart Jayhan
Jayhan in war paint: time for the revolution to begin!
After I left the site, things got rather odd there. On May 17 2006,following a rousing speech he'd given to an ad hoc group of car license lawyers in Los Vegas, Phil Jayhan started a new thread: “Time for the revolution to Start!” He told his followers “they will NOT simply give back what they have hijacked,” and he foresaw no help coming from Congress, the Judiciary, or much of anywhere else. “The press is under the same MK Ultra subversion as the Justice Department, and thus we cannot expect anything from them.” Cleary it would be up to the vanguard; “we need to take it back, by force if necessary.” [2] The Let’sRoll truthers had apparently been holding back their secret army, hoping for a peaceful solution, but the elites’ intransigence was just too much. As of writing in early November, I’ve heard nothing of the country being taken back by force nor of Jayhan’s public impalement and crucifixion. But they’re still taking donations.

Then four months later things got even weirder with the hack attack of 9/11/06, but for that you’ll need to read another post.

[1] Wells, Jeff. "Cynical, sophisticated and subtle." Rigorous Intuition. Posted May 27 2005.
[2] Jayhan, Phil. "Time for the Revolution to Start! - First shot fired tonight." LetsRoll Forums -> 911 For the Tired, weary, huddled masses... Posted Wed May 17, 2006.

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