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Just after I left the LetsRoll 911, the Site's main administrator Phil Jayhan announced on June 25 2005 a “second wave” of action, a plan to tour the country and promote Loose Change. First he’d go to Indianapolis, showing the new vid along with In Plane Site, then mosey on over to Shanksville to meet Chertoff-busting Christopher Bollyn, and then elsewhere to meet other luminaries like Tom Flocco and Jack Blood, maybe even Charlie Sheen in the planned stop-off at Hollywood. Jayhan planned to have his exploits filmed and used for a new documentary called “9/11 - Taking it to the Streets - Jaywalking Across America.” The “Jay[han]” who planned to do the “walking” explained the purpose of the new video would be “to show people how easy it is to convince people of 9/11 with a few simple pictures.” [1]

He solicited and received donations from dedicated members over the next days, but on July 5 a “slight delay due to scheduling difficulties” was announced on a thread for news on the tour and video. “More information is forthcoming soon,” it promised, but that’s the last post in the thread. [2] Apparently the tour never happened and the whole idea died within two weeks.

Yet nearly a year later, on April 27 2006, 9/11 skeptic Greg Szymanski interviewed Phil on his RBN radio show. Greg explained that Jayhan was finally on his grand tour of America, "trying to spread the truth about 911 for an upcoming video,” and headed to Washington DC. He talked with Greg about the Geiger counters at Ground Zero – implying mini-nukes – and about the people he'd interviewed and convinced of 9/11 on camera. But wouldn’t you know it, trouble prowls the path of the warrior and Phil told Greg's listeners how after a stop in Alabama his car engine died and he was stuck in Chattanooga. Greg encouraged his listeners to e-mail him at Arctic Beacon to donate money or possibly help him buy or secure a used car to help him “enlighten people about really what happened on 9/11” with the video that was in the works, on the road, and on its way to the Capital. Phil likewise directed listeners to his Paypal account. [3]

So I checked to see how the video came out. As of November the info thread is still inactive and the official picture links “for more info and to donate” are still up but only connect to the general donations page. There is no word there about the video, but for your convenience, Phil still takes Paypal, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. [4] Perhaps this is part of the reason Victor Thorn once called Jayhan "the biggest mooch and beggar in this movement." [5]

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