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Adam Larson / Caustic Logic
The Frustrating Fraud
July 2 2007

Well, things had been slowing down with the site here (and certainly with my other Caustic Logic sites) as I focused energies on two outside fronts. A while back the Center for Cooperative Research, whose seminal Complete 9/11 Timeline I had greatly admired since 2002, approached me to help flesh out some details on the Pentagon attack, which they were still short on. I’m deeply honored to have my first two entries there, dealing with the ASCE’s Pentagon investigation, now up on the 9/11 Investigations Timeline:
ASCE investigation: timeline, players, mandate
Report released, general findings: how the Pentagon responded to the impact of a Boeing 757.

Before and during this time, there was the drama at Above Top, which oozed steadily from a the thread I started in late May called ”Pentagon “NTSB” Animation is WRONG!”. Besides the technical considerations by which the animation does not represent the Black Box data, I passed on my doubts over the its authenticity as an “NTSB report” (this will require its own post soon), with often overzealous assistance from another member [Nick7261, to whom I am greatly indebted for making things so interesting]. This triggered Pilots for 911 Truth co-founder John Doe X/Rob Balsamo to pop in with links, insults, a passing threat of lawsuit against Nick and I, and talk of “big-boy” phone interviews and their boundless expertise. In addition he showed me enough new information – corroborating releases of the same animation to different people and with better documentation than what I had previously seen - that I changed course and have since called this an NTSB animation and then set on the path to get a copy myself.

Over the course of June this episode also dragged me into renewed wrangles with The PentaCon producer Craig Ranke/Lyte Trip/Jack Tripper along now with his cohort and Pentagon evidence “expert” Aldo Marquis/Merc. Over the course of two threads, there were some interesting moments, including an invite to a phone discussion with Marquis I seriously considered doing. It’d be wasted breath, I finally decided, about the time Marquis told me I was “dangerous” to the Truth Movement. But as a peace offering I took down my old PentaCon review, to be replaced in time by a series of pieces critiquing the video inside and out.

Now that the first CCR entries are up and the drama at ATS has died down, it’s been a busy few weeks of updating here and July is now a reality, with the site full of new and fascinating things:
NTSB FOIA letter received – no discs included: My first attempt at using the Freedom of Information Act yields instant irony. Damn, that’s what I should’ve called the post…

Litmus test for Rationality? Rebuttal to James Fetzer: The Scholars for 9/11 Truth co-founder and space-beam/TV fakery proponent has laid it down, with Pilots for 911 Truth’s wrong NTSB animation as a final proof that no 757 possibly hit the Pentagon, and people like me are either ignorant of “the evidence,” mentally challenged, or misleading deceitfully. He’s drawn a line in the sand, and I have kicked that sand back in his face.

Michael Moore’s recent 9/11 public questions – his strongest yet towards the inside job paradigm – center on Pentagon video secrecy. I applaud his coming forward, but had to offer an opinion on the issue for what it's worth, and certainly look forward to seeing how he approaches the issue.
Citgo video analysis: I at least started posting things on this, including a graphic chronology of the canopy flash just before impact. More on the way…

On the physical evidence front, recalling Aldo Marquis calling me “dangerous” to the Truth Movement; this was right after I solidly debunked one of the PentaCon’s main “smoking guns” for no 757 impact for all to see. That’s got a post here now too, along with his terse, I sense pained responses to my simple enough case. And just the other day I finally did a basic post on the Punch-out hole, with another on the way.

I’ve also updated various old posts and masterlists, and a new, usable, links section is in the works. There’s no denying the evidence this Summer, folks. Persistent fraudbots got you down? Try the many lines of repellents available here.

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