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Adam Larson / Caustic Logic
The Frustrating Fraud
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The Nexcom/Citgo gas station was the last real building near 77's flightpath before the Pentagon. Its security video was confiscated by the FBI on September 11 2001 (apparently NOT within minutes of the attack but rather a few hours later). It was held for five years and then released pursuant to FOIA requests on September 15 2006 to Judicial Watch.

The station had multiple cameras multiplexed together onto one screen. Some of the best views were NOT included in this compressed multi-camera screen. Whether this constitutes manipulation/forgery or some more inoccuous explanation I can't say for sure. But it is suspicious, and some of the cameras themselves seem to have been removed since then.

Youtube link: An analysis of what the remaining low-resolution screens show is in the works. Previously I'd said it showed "more nothing than anything yet," but in fact there are good clues in there. Of special interest are three camera views, mapped out on the model below.

Dual-Pump Camera and the Canopy Flash
Just looking at the view from the "dual pump side" camera (the north end of the station) we see a flash at 4:44 in the video, or 9:40:38 by the video's internal clock (app. set about 3 minutes ahead). The white car there most of the time at the pump is Sgt. Lagasse's. The sequence here: a black and white patrol car pulls in and sends the flash of light, reflected from somewhere else apparently to the south, onto the underside of the canopy, at which point the patrol car speeds away, possibly towards the Pentagon

My video - part 1 of the Citgo analysis, just the canopy flash.

Youtube link:

Here is a photo of the station's north end - parking, hedges, canopy and pumps - with the Pentagon visible in the background. Compare to the camera view above.
Before getting to angles, I must note that some north-path proponents contend this flash is either from the plane but glancing off the car's roof, or simple sunlight reflected in a flash as the patrol car started rolling (see comments at the Youtube link for my video). It does seem to start inching forward just just a hair early - too subtly it seems to account for a sudden flash, but enough to make this interpretation seem feasible. The angle the light is coming from seems about the same as the angle of natural sunlight at that time, but a different part of the car also catches sunlight a few frames later in a different position. (I intend a fuller anlysis on the timeline of all these events). John Farmer's rebuttal and my counter-rebuttal: link.

However, as I will expand on in this space and with further short videos, there was also a noticable flash of light on the south side of the station a split-second earlier, clearly not reflected from the south side of a car on the north side of the station. There's also employee/customer reactions indicating something happening to the south, and a large shadow also visible on a roadway south of the Pentagon. These will be explained and even if the canopy flash is just sunlight, it somehow seems to show the same thing the other clues do: something other than the sun was sending light to /blocking light from the Citgo, from the south and southeast just before people started gawking towards the Pentagon. A high-speed, low-flying silver AA 757 is one possible culprit for at least one of these clues...

East Entrance (south) View and the Double Flash
This "East Entrance" camera is at the southern edge of the southeast canopy looking back at the store to monitor customers coming and going. Note at left the lightening on the left-hand side, on the narrow east-facing edge of a wall there. This "flash" seen at 9:40:37 is longer in duration than the one off the patrol car half-a-second later, and perhaps better described as a "double-pulse." In slow-motion (video coming) there is an intial pulse just before the canopy flash, which washes in top-to-bottom and fades just as another pulse of light blankets the spot and then fades. Duration: unsure at the moment but seems to be about one second. The light source is roughlly to the east, and could be from either a plane heading from the north or the south.

Below is the video of this flash. Sorry for the glitch - it hangs up just before "slow-motion." Maybe I'll re-post it.

The Shadow
Thanks to John Farmer's interesting work, I can see the shadow now. It's visible in the south-side "Single Pump" camera, and cast on the roadway behind the station (South Joyce Street), divided in two by some invisible obstruction (possibly a median/divider). It appears at 9:40:35 (about 2 seconds before the flashes) by the video's clock and remains for about 8 frames, 1/4 of a second (though it appears stationary, apparently a still frame taken at 4 fps). All-in;all it's a large shadow. A 757 is one possibility.

I know this is crap quality to be blowing it up so big, but hey,
it's there. It can be (roughly) measured.
Youtube link:

General Thoughts
Quotes from north path/no plane supporters: would these researchers talk about this key evidence like this if they thought it supported their theory or was irrelevant? (most from the inital Loose Change thread spurred by Russell Pickering's analysis)
John Doe X: "Talk about chasing" link
Aldo Marquis/Merc: "I believe the Citgo video was released SPECIFICALLY because of the Citgo witness and his account. I no longer believe this as a possibility, but as an unforunate reality. A counter chess move if you will. [...] This is a clever trick in response to the Citgo employee's account. Simply more bad video with a few editing/graphic/lighting tricks, just like the others." link
Undertow: "You know, I started to analyze that flash 4:44 (mov time) but it's just worthless in all its pixelated compressed crappyness. I don't know what anyone can possible get out of this video besides a migrane." link
(John Farmer's quote removed - I'm not so sure now he belongs on this list)
Craig Ranke (Lyte Trip): "No serious 9/11 researcher would take this video at face value. It makes zero sense." link
Craig Ranke to me: "Evidence tampering is a Federal offense and if you insist on supporting this dubious data that is supplied from the very individuals that you accuse of this crime you are just as guilty as they are." link

So naysayers aside, and all concerns of legitimacy vs. fakery taken into account (the grain of salt one must take this with), the analysis continues.


Anonymous said...

Youre going to a great deal of trouble to support a lynch pin of the official conspiracy theory... Remember Occams razor.
But your attacks on Meyssan were what alerted me. That was really silly.


Caustic Logic said...

I take it you're not a fan.

The Meyssans are silly. I challenge anyone to show me one correct and relevant thing they ever said about what happened at the Pentagon. Or anyone to come up with any convincing evidence for something other than the (physical) official story. I've seen it all and it's almost pure crap. A few legit questions, but otherwise...

Fraudsters breed like mosquitos. What I like to think I'm doing is draining the swamp of ignorance, mis-reported details amplified into the "official story," red herrings, misinfo, disinfo, stupid leaps of logic, and apparent practical jokes.

All any of us should be concerned with is 9/11 TRUTH.

And thanks for noticing how much work I'm putting into this.

Arabesque said...

Very interesting.

I can't really figure out these videos myself, so I don't really have an objective opinion.

But, It makes you wonder if they release the video and it shows the plane hitting the Pentagon, if the PentaCon advocates will claim that it's fake too.

I wouldn't put it past them!

Noticed the updates to your blog. Cool.

Caustic Logic said...

Thanks! Good to hear from ya. It was getting dull around here till a week ago...

You say: "It makes you wonder if they release the video and it shows the plane hitting the Pentagon, if the PentaCon advocates will claim that it's fake too."

Well of course... it was a massive day of random and convoluted deception.

They've already shown that the "plane damage" including columns consistently bowed inward, is anomolous and inconsitent (poorly staged), that light poles were planted with Lloyd's collusion, proven the generator and fence were staged, etc. and all just sewn together by the unquestionable testimony of a Pentagon cop, and another one, and two other guys. And we're supposed to buy digital video footage held for six years over all that?

Arabesque said...

A major no-plane at the Pentagon advocate just took a major hit to his credibility thanks in part to my work in exposing him.

Webster Tarpley has attacked me on his radio show, it's all quite hilarious and worth a read.

This whole incident seems to suggest he is a deliberate supporter of disinformation. Nico Haupt is on the back cover of his book.

Webster Tarpley: Arabesque, Cosmos, Jenny Sparks, Jon Gold, Michael Wolsey, and Truthaction are “disinfo”

Caustic Logic said...

Dunno why this comments section is turning into the disinfo accusation corner, but... I had once respected Tarpley for writing his devastating George Bush bio. A friend informed me that while it's a good book, it pushed a few "facts" that were proven disinfo. Then I heard him pushing no-757 theories (he's on my fraud namebase). Dunno what else, but then this "warning" letter I've heard he was involved in... Wait, I heard that from you didn't !?

I will read what there is and possibly post on it soon even tho it's not directly in my field...
Cheers mate!

Caustic Logic said...

As I posted at
Good moves. This whole story is ridiculous. Tarpley says to promo the letter:
"Some of the signers, under the obvious threats of totalitarian forces, are lying in appalling fashion about what they signed and if they signed. You can see for yourself from the facsimile who signed. We need to move beyond these wretched individuals to build support for this mobilization alert as we enter a very dangerous weekend. Please make a special effort to gather support."

Huh! Please promote this document "signed" by lying "wretched individuals" as a useful warning of something...

Here's a thought - just copy the content of the text without signatures and pass it along as an interesting rumor. What was this supposed to be anyway? An authoritative 100% truth for sure assessment and unequivocal call for preemptive revolution? No thanks. So someone thinks it's pretty sure a new attack is coming, et al. Keep that in mind. If it happens, well you heard about it before, but expect the authorities to say al Qaeda sucker punched them with an attack that was foreseen in timing but not details and unstoppable and then blame Tarpley/signatories with intercepting some intel and trying to warp it to give aid and comfort to the enemy or worse.

We will need mass courage and wisdom if this happens. But lobbying for a note of calm, it's also possible that nothing like this will happen right now. My own guess is that's a job that will be left up to the next (Probably Dem) President. The Democratic Republic system/two-party charade is too useful for empire building to disrupt now with something that blatant. 9/11, Anthrax, WMD threats, two major wars, tons of covert BS, is enough for one President's legacy. I hope.