Monday, March 3, 2008


Adam Larson / Caustic Logic
The Frustrating Fraud
March 3 2008

I've just completed my first analysis of the Citgo security video extracted with Aimersoft DVD ripper from a disc sent by John Farmer, obtained by him from Juducual Watch and copied right off the original. The Software was not registered when I took all the cropped stills out, so it says 'Evaluation Copy." Sorry this looks unprofessional, but the data is still the same - just as allegedly fraudulent as it ever was. I can't prove to myself or anyone else this video is accurate and not doctored. So I won't even try. Let's just look at what it shows, whether or not that's what actually happened.

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What we have is blurry, ill-defined blobs that alone could be almost anything light or dark of some rough size, but by comparing to site photographs and tracking relative motion we can establish basically what’s going on. Various objects are here highlighted and persons tracked, especially one individual - marked in red as person 1 - who spends most of the time hovering between pump 1 and some mystery object.

The video is unreadable for the labels, so in order of appearance:
gas pumps and garbage can (green)
a truck or SUV that pulls in (blue)
'east entrance' doorway (green)
inner wall facing ENE (gold)
restroom door (green)
mystery object (yellow)
"unclear things happen here" (yellow)
person 1: ? (red)
other persons (purple)

The time-stamps for the segment I've analysed is 9:37 – 9:41 (camera time), looking at cameras 2 and 4, facing northwest and southwest respectively, and together covering the area under the station’s south canopy over its ‘east entrance’ and ‘single pump side.’ This is a photo re-creation (montage of two Farmer shots, 2007) of the FOV of cam 4, single pump side. Compare to labeling above.
The video shows this red-boxed someone hovering around the right pump, garbage can, and mystery object, doing things of an up-down back-forth nature. Details are nigh impossible to determine. This person goes into the restroom at 9:37:41 and apparently re-emerges at 9:39:04 then goes back to 'work.' At 9:40:35 a large shadow appears south of person 1, who moves suddenly, or drops something, in response, but stays put. Just after the glow that appears on the inner wall two seconds later, person 1 runs into the store via the east entrance door. Here are some key moments from the last segment.

This person's locations and activities generally - and partially - fit the account of only one published witness I know of. But I've heard it said that person is not in the video at all and they have offered an account that differs from these actions in important ways. It could also be another person doing similar things, or an inserted blob of pixels. Who is this person? Any guesses? Bonus points for hypotheses on the nature of the yellow-labeled mystery object and its relation to person 1.

Let the reasons to entirely ignore this evidence proceed as well... See comments below


Caustic Logic said...

Two updates: Aldo Marquis guessed the person right!
Comment from "MercBezerk" on the video page:
"What Operative Adam Larson is trying to do is cast doubt on witness Robert Turcios."
Actually what 'operative' me is doing is drawing attention to the FACT that the evidence casts doubt on his testimony, while CIT tries to cast belief on it.

All real evidence still indicates the south path and impact. It's deeper than they thought. Reality itself is in on the operation!

Also props to John Farmer, who saw Robert there first and identifies the mystery object as a smallish car that Robert's maintenance cart is behind. I haven't verified this finding yet...
He explain in this doc (download it quick!)

John Farmer said...

Good job 007! But you are aware that this is NOT Robert Turcios. Robert saw a plane fly over trees that are out of sight on the northeast corner of the station. So surely he must be located somewhere else and the video must certainly be documented. This is further proof that the cuckoo flew over the cuckoo next.

Yes I know, Robert says the cuckoo flew into the cuckoo nest, but he is being mislead by a worldwide government psyc-op don't you know.

But then again, I'm a "nobody knows who I am" government agent too, so never mind :)

Caustic Logic said...

I like it! Cuckoo's nest - it works on so many levels.

This whole post is a bit vague for the average reader. I plane a follow-up video using this and explaining the significnce of Turcios.
"Robert Turcios saw the pull up so he IS our flyover witness."