Tuesday, October 7, 2008


October 7 2008, 2am

Any similarity to any internet persona is just that. Over at the JREF, there are some brilliant minds working on the last chapter of the drawn-out Ultima1 saga (name changed here to Uno Supremo to protect his privacy). There's a prevailing notion that a 45-year-old NSA analyst's teenage (?) son has hijacked his dad's identity and files to 'prove' his irrelevant credentials at the forums, to bolster his annoying nonsense and terse insults. I voiced support for this take, but I'm really not so sure - there's a certain confidence to his drivel, and a latent sophistication. While we wait for his promised FOIA document showing that Flight 93 was intercepted (if not shot down - parts of it are classified he says), they're taking in all the little details (like how he shows his own name when posting identifying docs, but not when posting FOIA letters filed by Ultima1), and in at least one case, contacting the authorities over his perceived violations of NSA "opsec." There is certainly something psychological driving this odd little person, and perhaps something disturbing may come of this. I remember an accusation leveled by a critic over at AboveTopSecret.com that I can't relocate with searches (was it pulled finally?). IIRC he got the last name wrong, but called this person (the identity Ultima1 professes to, born Feb 2, 1961) a pornographer and a sick man.

Putting aside the more disturbing possibilities, and the issues of his claimed credentials, we're left with the universally puzzled-over Ultima1, recently banned from AboveTopSecret.com, shortly after I called him a crash-helmeted "geek on a leash" that they keep around to drive traffic. An average of like 50 posts a day, each of 20-40 words, 35% misspelled. Running the hamster wheel all day and night, too easy to make fun of. For those who've been annoyed by run ins with him, here's another caption contest for catharsis. Submit your favorite Ultima1 quotes below, as comments, and I'll do up all or the best, depending how many submissions I get. Or do your own if you got the software. Here's mine, for a starter. Nowhere near the best...


Anonymous said...

ULTIMA1 is a unique brand of crazy that's for sure.

Caustic Logic said...

Indeedy. It's been weird.

Anonymous said...

Here's a possible caption

"The aircraft parts at the Pentagon are not from a 757. Yes, I know they look just like parts form a 757 but that's irrelevant."

Caustic Logic said...

They have to be actual ULTIMA1 lines, and somehow that just doesn't sound quite like him.

Here's a few good ones:
"I never stated that 9/1 was an inside job."

"I will reapat again for the closed minded. There is no actaul evidence released that proves that flight 77 hit the Penatgon."

”We some of us do research to find the truth instead of just believing what we ahve been told to believe."

JoeyDonuts said...

ULTIMA1 was just banned at the JREF forums for 'violating the terms of his probation.'

Caustic Logic said...

Sorry for the delay in customary comment response, Joey Donuts. I'm not sure why this entity was tolerated so long. It was shortly after I noted ATS treated him like a "geek on a leash" to drive traffic that they cut the leash and banished him. Then he went to JREFand contributed nothing but more geekiness that was strangely tolerated for a while.