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Frustrated that so many revisionists should insist on painting themselves into a corner by making the impossibility of a 757 at the Pentagon a cornerstone of the case, I took as my mission vigilantly guarding the truth movement from such self-inflicted wounds. I signed up at Let’s Roll 911 as "Vigilant Guardian" in late January 2005 with an open mind but serious doubts about their approach. Within days of joining, before I’d even seen their beloved 911 In Plane Site, I posted my concerns with their evidence as I was seeing it in a too-long post. Member Heiho 1 admonished me: “please read the threads on these topics before posting blatantly erroneous messages [...] I'm not sure how you missed the entire Pentagon thread but all of your arguments are thoroughly refuted in the main Pentagon thread.” [1] In other words, if I had not agreed to the platform laid out at the party congress I had no right to speak.

Undeterred, I started a new thread of my own, an admittedly obnoxious “cold shower to people who've watched Pentagon Strike one too many times and done their homework one time too few.” In the post I postulated that just maybe “the Pentagon WAS hit by Flight 77 or a large drone similar in size, NOT a small craft, fighter, or missile. The Pentagon's secrecy would then have lured us out to bring in this Trojan Horse seam as a central plank of the revisionist version then - BAM! They plunk down photos of Flight 77 hitting and we're all screwed.” [2]

Responses ranged from the non-answer reference to Rumsfeld’s 2001 missile “admission,” and the demand “if the evidence is available then it must be presented” (oh it must, huh? Or else what? You keep arguing the same stupid point? –I should have said that). Another more validly pointed out “even if the pictures come out bam, there are too many inconclusive facts to THEIR official story that are not valid and defy all reasoning and all physics.” These were the only two responses – everyone else at Let’sRoll ignored my provocative post and their projects, including their hand in Loose Change, rolled on.

“Trojan Horse” was the best metaphor I could think of at the time, but since then I’ve stumbled onto a better phrase to sum up my hunch. The
Bumble-Planes Theory, should have been my first clue that the entire planeless Pentagon attack theory – among other of the 9/11 theories - may be what espionage people call a “honeypot.” Some trace the term back to Winnie the Pooh, known to get into great mischief over his hunger for pots of honey, while others trace he etymology back to the slang term for an outhouse, with honey a euphemism for the waste that collects there. Whatever its source, the phrase became an unofficial term during the Cold War for the use of seduction, sexual blackmail, and other such entrapments to gain the upper hand with enemy agents. Depending on the origin one uses, the prey of these setups are the equivalent of bees or flies, drawn by the aroma/stench so they get stuck in the honey/shit.

Beyond espionage, honeypot is also a computer term. In this usage, it’s a trap to attract unauthorized use: a computer, website, residual files or whatever that appears to be part of a network but which is actually isolated or connected to authorities. In other words it’s a baited trap to lure unsuspecting enemies to make compromising moves. This definition is interesting for the case at hand, dealing with internet and information systems. Combining the two, we may get false websites and false networks (Let’sRoll 911?) luring in would-be dissidents, a sponsored and engineered opposition ala Orwell’s 1984. This could well be a Pentagon-controlled system of information, created to seduce conspiracy theorists towards a deceptively perfect seam, offering a honeypot stinking to high heaven of the sewage some people seem to crave… and they get stuck and hopefully drown.

As Judicial Watch or whoever forced the release of new Pentagon videos in May 2006 Alex Jones again went on the record, reminding his listeners and his guest, Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell, of his firm belief that 9/11 was an inside job. But Jones felt the first video to show us anything would show something like a 757 hitting the building (“whether it’s real or manufactured”). Jones called the Pentagon’s secrecy over the attack a “honey pot operation,” one in which “the government attracts overwhelming attention to the Pentagon issue, making it the cornerstone of the 9/11 truth movement, and then blowing it out of the water by releasing clear footage of Flight 77.” [3] Having reached the same conclusion independently, I had been ignorant of Jones’ take, which he says he’s maintained from the time of the attack. Farrell didn’t admit to this interpretation, but didn’t deny it either, chuckling a bit and further elaborating the idea of a honey pot “let's just call it a baited trap, it draws somebody into a situation in which they're compromised.” [4]

Jones further noted that the government clearly wanted the tapes released or they’d simply find a way to shut down requests as they had before. He further conveyed suspicions that Judicial Watch “is being used as a conduit for the dissemination of carefully staged government propaganda,” apparently referring to the tapes of actual events. This time the cases were going ahead, and video releases had already started. Thus Judicial Watch, as Jones tried to get Farrell to admit, could become “the water carriers” for this honeypot operation, initiating the final revelation and the inevitable realization of the set-up. [5] As Jones’ Prison Planet summed up again in September after yet one more release of the Citgo gas station video, the release “will once again whip up into a frenzy the no plane theories. If that happens and the next video, or perhaps the one after that, shows a clear impact of flight 77, then the alternative 9/11 theories that are gaining so much attention now will be widely and viciously attacked.” [6] As bad as they are, I believe they should be attacked; it’s only too bad so much of the Truth Movement has allowed itself to be dragged into the crossfire.

Fintan Dunne, a rather enigmatic character I stumbled on late in my research, but apparently an Irish activist of some sort, echoed my thoughts brilliantly in an August 2006 post at his Break For News discussion forum. “The Pentagon is
the honey-trap of the Op. And I suppose we suspected that from the way it featured strongly in the “In Plane Shite" movielet. So here's the scenario. Any photos which do come out are deliberately ambiguous. They deliberately release crappy security camera footage. They are behind the Hunt the Boeing hoopla and the Plane Shite stunt. They foster and encourage all questioning of the Pentagon.” [7]

Dunne explains his belief that this is “because the Pentagon is their strongest case. Not just by good fortune. But by design.” But despite their excellently convincing evidence set-up, Rumsfeld and his people “set about making it look as BAD as possible to the conspiracy theorists. […] they wait as the hunt the Boeing and Plane Shite ops are run to establish that conspiracy theorists doubt the hit on the Pentagon.” This is about exactly as I had seen it, if clearer and better-put. His summation of the end goal: “And then they hit us. Bam!” [emphasis in original] [8]

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Anonymous said...

5 years and counting. Looks alot like modern science, each new jock thinks he has the answer."Lets just apply logic and the scientific method and we will find the answer!" Truth? I recall someone asking Jesus what is truth. Christ never answered.
Whats happening is pretty typical. After 911 people posted their ideas and tried to figure out what had happened. When a good number of differnt ideas were posted here and there the infighting began. "your must be CIA" screamed some, he must be on the governements payroll. No one could hide from the verbal attacks. Rense is an agent! claimed Dunne. Alex must be working for the NSA said another. Dunne made the outlandish claim that almost everyone, except him, was connected with a US intelligent agency.

If you really want to understand 911 you first need to understand what history actually IS. Here is a clue. DO we human experience reality directly?

Caustic Logic said...

Thanks for the thoughtful post. Both the experience question and Christ's answer are enlightening in this context, and I agree on the unknowable nature of reality and fallibility of human cognition.

And yes, it's been ugly. I somehow never guessed the scale and duration, but knew from the beginning there would be head games played with us over this. I have no doubt active agents are among us, along with probably a larger number of unwitting dupes suckered into playing part in disinfo campaigns. As to who is who I do try to avoid casting assertions. Those I base on people pushing flawed evidence, especially when it can be shown that they should know better.

Ultimately it's all a waste of time of course, and I should be out making the world a better place through actions, not more words. But on the off chance it's useful to someone ready to leave the cult and think for themselves, I'm gonna keep posting for now.

And yaaaay, another comment!

MOD said...

"""one in which “the government attracts overwhelming attention to the Pentagon issue, making it the cornerstone of the 9/11 truth movement, and then blowing it out of the water by releasing clear footage of Flight 77.” [3] Having reached the same conclusion independently"""

I'm just waiting for the footage to be released. They have 83 tapes remaining I think you wrote? Anyone for popcorn?

Caustic Logic said...

Alex, Paul, Fintan and me may've been being a bit hyperbolic there - they may never release the videos. Why bother blowing this ship outta the water when its already sunk and scooting along the bottom of the sea?
Okay, now I'm just being a jerk. I'm not holding my brreath here; even if released the 83 provate videos the FBI has may not hold much more to see. Really despite complaints what we've seen is not bad. One video shows the plane IMO (well two, the gate cams) if not very clearly. Another seems to show a flash of light from the plane, and only the Doubletree vid so far shows nothing of the plane.

What I'd love to see is the Pentagon's security cameras, like the one right above the impact point. I'm not sure if there's even a lawsuit in, or possible, for these... Anyone else know?