Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Adam Larson / Caustic Logic
The Frustrating Fraud
September 26 2007

I finally joined the Loose Change forum, hoping to take part in some of the brilliant discussions I'd read there in the past. I tried signing up as Caustic Logic, but that account wouldn't work, so I re-signed up as member “Pentagon Reality Check,” an arrogant name I instantly regretted. But ah well. It's weird times there in the Pentagon forum, with onetime moderator Craig Ranke and his cohort Aldo Marquis just banned, but their followers remain and do battle with no-planers and missile theorists apparently unmoderated but constantly badgered from the sides by those who seem to have it figured out enough to not even bother. It feels transitional.

Ayway, one ridiculous fellow member “Terral” - who is currently pushing a missile strike AND small drone strike possibly coupled with a 757 flyover - badgered me into providing some photo evidence for a 757 impact. Like a sucker faced with an aggressive panhandler, I dug into my pockets for some change and posted a few photos with a line of text for each. That's like a buck fifty right there. Time is money. The clown dismissed and ripped them apart with comically overdone no-planer brutality. In these greasy hands, anything plane-looking was planted, the photos indicated things they really did not indicate, etc. But edited to its essence, Terral said:
“Oh, the bad guys could not fit the 100-ton Jetliner in the back of their pickup truck. :0) [...] How many readers see a crashed 100-ton Jetliner in PentagonRC’s “Foundation” picture? Anybody? :0) This is nonsense . . .[...] Where did the 100-ton Jetliner go? [...] “100-Ton Jetliner” Disinformation [...] Where is your 100-ton PLANE? [...] his 100-ton Jetliner supposedly vaporized into thin air. :0) [...] little tikes do not leave 100-tons of debris [...] which proves beyond all doubt that no 100-Ton Jetliner crashed here [...] a real 100-Ton Boeing 757-200 Jetliner is [...] his 100-ton PIG [...] They are not a 100-ton Jetliner either. [...] Show us a picture of your crashed 100-ton Jetliner. :0)
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Alright no more change for this one at any rate. I did drop a final slug though with the following “photo” and caption:
“It looks like we're both right in a way... I'm not sure where this photo is from or if its legit, but it looks like an attempted flyover, from a path well north of the Citgo, but unrelated to either the 9:32 missile attack or the small craft attack at 9:37, which caused the damage below, as you have brillinatly demonstrated. It looks here like the 757-200 jetliner is being lifted off the building with a crane, which luckily has a scale attached. I zoomed in and it says 200,000, pounds I presume. That's 100 tons on the nose. Please be at peace now Terral. Mystery solved.”

However, as my new pal had started out, “anyone in possession of these pictures, as if they prove anything, is definitely pushing the Official “Loyal Bushie” Government Cover Story.” So now I am exposed by Terral and its giant-font wielding sidekick SPreston as a 100-ton PIG hugging Bushie loyal operative with Bush goggles and accomplice to coverup and thus to mass murder. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for these meddling no planers, who also seem to take a bizarre pleasure in "exposing" my photo fakery and real identity! (see link above) Whatever GOP-funded computer place these guys are working at, they're brewing the coffee a wee too strong. If I were the people behind the scenes at the LC forum, I'd be checking some IPs about now. but hey, what's new?

Otherwise there is absolutely no point in this little episode. I just wanted to see a new post, and it just made me chuckle, which is kind of sad in itself.


Arabesque said...

I noticed CIT was banned from LC forum. Ha, you should have seen some of their ridiculous threads! Their latest video is a "hide the plane with the small trees by the Pentagon" conspiracy theory.

I "work" for the Ford Foundation these days. Nice wads of cash for me!

Caustic Logic said...

Nice cartoon and free advertising for you! They made you look like a member of The Mentors there, very ffunny stuff. I'm still a bit hazy on the KW issue, but what an episode...

Sorry nothing more witty to add. Off to battle.