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Well, it's been seeming a while that thanks to the dilligent efforts of Russ Pickering (who was given a lot of influence at the Loose Change forum) and others, and the self-dicrediting antics of Citizen's Investigative Team, and whatever other factors, the guys behind Loose Change had come around from their missile-at-the-Pentagon days and had at least become 'agnostic' on what happened at 9:38. Recently their Final Cut of Loose Change was wrapped up, over two years since their first re-working (which dropped the pods but kep the missile). The much-awaited new edition is backed by a reported million-dollar budget, over two hours long, and done with researcher Jason Bermas bosltered fact-checker David Ray Griffin. What would be their new take on the Pentagon? Did a 757 even possibly hit the building? I haven't really kept up, but here I will track what I run across until I can actually see it and offer a proper review.

See the trailer/promo made for the six-year anniversary below: Some incredible graphics and over-the-top theatrics are in store it seems.

Loose Change Forum: What's Loose Change Position On The Pentagon?

On the 11th it's to be released for sale, and has already been shown publicly and is being reported on. This was posted Nov. 5 by Mick Meaney at RINF Alternative News:"Saturday, 3rd November, 2007, saw the British preview screening of the much anticipated 9/11 truth blockbuster, ‘Loose Change Final Cut’. Before the screening began, Tim Sparke, executive producer of Loose Change 3, gave us a brief thank you and intro, he welcomed us by saying: “By the end of this, you’re going to be knackered!”" Meaney reports the new edition is re-worked from the ground up, and 'comprehensive," covering a broader range of issues including intelligence failures more in-depth, 9/11 truth protests, health effects at WTC, etc. I've never heard of Sparke. Shows how much I've kept up.

Regarding the Pentagon, Meaney reports "obviously the Pentagon attack is called into question, the lack of video evidence and eyewitness statements are touched upon." Lack of witnesses? To what, the impact? How many witnesses are there to anything else? "How Flight 77 was unusually only 30% full and most of the passengers were government employees" is another point reportedly made. This is obviously a hint at remote controlled drone work, which is worth considering, but I doubt that's how they treat it. "We also see some of the flight recorder data which proves without a doubt, there has been a cover up," Meany concludes, with that sentence linking to a page selling Calum Douglas' new DVD.
Update 11/13: I heard the video in its entirety at Google video, but the link was dead by the time I checked it. I'm guessing they're having unauthorized postings removed, which is fair. Here is a good meaty preview with other material, an hour long, and posted by Dylan himself - but posted over a year ago.
First notes: Interview w/Leuren Moret at 13:38 discussing elevated radiation levels - 90x normal - downwind from the Pentagon. A Depleted Uranium expert and anti-DU activist, Morethas previously stated "what happened at the Pentagon is highly suspicious, leading me to believe a missile with a depleted uranium warhead may have been used..."
At 30:30 DC-area freelance videographer Bob Pugh, who only arrived at the scene five minutes after the attack, talks for a long time about confusion surrounding Flight 77's crash location, lack or discernable debris, water instead of foam being used to the fight the fire (which I believe is wrong), and an inexplicable spiel on the 'sixteen foot hole," unmarked lawn, etc., and possibility of a truck bomb, the light poles, all of it (good part where he sounds like a no-planer drone at 51:17). Video acompaniment at key times. Interesting and nuts.


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