Monday, June 2, 2008


June 2 2008 1am

I hate to have to keep reporting weird things but this can’t go un-noted. Since last night this has been the status of JREF's forum: The Forum is closed for maintenance. For about the same time, this is what the Loose Change Forum gives me: Safari can’t open the page “” because it can’t find the server “”. This simultaneous cessation of two discussion forums (one VERY active) presumably will be short-lived and explained soon enough. But it is very mysterious and leaves me repeating, as an old co-worker had a way of pronouncing it, “Whot de ‘ell?”

The bickering, sniping, and so on between the two forums had been getting about insane - personal info revealed, sock puppets, IPs tracked, old gripes, accusations, veiled threats, screen caps, it was all hard to keep up with. Did something in there snap something, like, legally? Much of this drama was centered in the areas I'm watching - Conspiracy Theories at JREF and The Pentagon at LCF – and the bogus theories of Citizen Investigation Team (sorry, the bogus theories of the Citgo witnesses, the people of Arlington, etc.). The friction was between the team itself and increasingly its supporters and detractors inside and outside ‘the Movement.’ Was it from this flamethrower battle that a simultaneous cessation of both forums came?

It didn’t seem so, since CIT’s own discussion board was still up last night and earlier today. Then I went to check again and got this: Safari can’t open the page “” because it can’t find the server “”. Whole servers are down at Zetaboards and Invisionfree? Or is it all on my end? And whatever’s going on at JREF? I do not know my computer stuff – is this a virus or something? Is it subject-matter oriented, or legal? There were no announcements or warnings sent to members, that I saw. it just happened.

For those desaparately adrift due to all this, I’m still afloat, it seems. Climb on board here, and help me sort it out. Comments moderation off for now given the catastrophe. :)
Update: As I should have suspected, no multi-forum catastrophe - see comments below - LCF is working for others, so app. I've been banned from reading it, It's more invisible that the Pilots for Truth forum now. JREF has a genuine problem and the page says they'll be up again soon. CIT is back to normal as well. And normal is... well, you should all know by now. Serious seekers and exposers of the "Truth" ban posting for members who disagree too well (CIT), ban reading of subjects for those who don't register for future banning (PFTF), and it seems ban their site from appearing to certain not-even-members anymore (LCF, hijacked by CIT/PFT). Also I found I'm not able to comment anonymously even at ATS, like a normal person who hasn't pissed them off once can do. So with two of these four forums unreadable and the other two unanswerable, I have JREF and 911Bolgger in my communications repetiore at the moment. So... I won't be following the latest lies, distortions, and idiocy as close anymore, which will be good for me and I guess for them.
update: Tuesday afternoon - LCF opens for me now. Whot de 'ell? Well now I don't really care but I have something to do for the next ten minutes. Oh, I guess it'll only take two minutes to catch up on the news.


Anonymous said...

I dunno what is going on at JREF, but Loose Change is fine. You've been IP banned, and you need to get through on a proxy. Odd that Loose Change has become the new cheerleader for CIT. When I was on the old board, they were banned for spamming their silly theory. The new Loose Change board has been hijacked by CIT. That's why I won't join.

Caustic Logic said...

Thanks - no one else told me they could see it so considering the timeline coincidence and when CIT went down too I freaked out. I guess I look silly now. Anyway, apparently the only way their truth and mine can coexist, they've decided, is to keep them separated. They are the carrot and I am the rabbit, so this is understandable. Why I can still read CIT's forum I dunno. I should be blocked there, and from their videos and main page too. I should be wiped off the internet altogether in fact. Only then can 'the truth' be safe!

Anonymous said...

It could be some forums have been caught up in the massive outage in Texas over the weekend, see - it took down 9,000 servers.

PB&J said...

zetaboards/invisionfree was hacked recently by a group called 'g00ns'. They were probably patching their servers or something security related.. which explains why LCF was down for me also.

I think JREF uses a version of vBulletin, but i'm not sure what problems they're having.

Caustic Logic said...

There we go... hacked by the goons. Really? I'm not finding news on this angle - nothing AT the LCF I can see. but again, I had a feeling of like warfare between LCF and JREF. Then they both went boom from my end at least, at about the same time... cyberwarfare MAD?

Who was it down for? Why aren't they denouncing the goons who attacked them?

But man what a ghetto the LC board has dragged itself into.

Caustic Logic said...

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Signs of the Times was targeted by hackers. While our server itself was not compromised, you may have been redirected to a web site that downloaded malware to your computer if you tried to visit on June 3rd.