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Adam Larson / Caustic Logic
The Frustrating Fraud
May 27 2008
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We in the field of 9/11 studies owe a debt of gratitude to John Farmer for all he’s done to gather and share new evidence and analysis, most recently a consultant on research for Mark Gaffney’s new book The 9/11 Mystery Plane. He has always embraced the coherent body of evidence showing the attack plane plowed into the Pentagon from a south path, causing the extensive damage and death there. For most purposes and so far we’ve been on the same page, informational ‘allies’ in opposition to Citizen Investigation Team's north-path flyover, faked damage, and fooled witnesses meme. But his new effort You all just haven’t talked about it, made available in PDF at his blog on Friday, clarifies a latent argument he’s been hinting at on the sidelines for over a year now - as he explained:

“I’m in trouble with the “fly-over” boys because I am convinced that the evidence shows that a large commercial plane flew down along the south side of the Citgo station and hit the Pentagon. Now, I’m going to be in trouble with the no “fly-over” crowd because I now believe that the evidence strongly supports a plane flying north of the Citgo station. So here it is folks, my way of making everyone mad at me…”

Oh, I’m not mad, though a bit disappointed. I’m not sure what exactly he thinks happened, but it apparently involves a plane on the north path in addition to the impact craft, passig over/by the Pentagon and then crossing over to the Capitol. There is some compelling evidence of a second plane in the area just after (or before?) the attack. He calls on CIT witnesses Brooks and Lagasse, CMH witness NEIT 428, and a couple of others. And then there’s the north path evidence he’s found in the Citgo video; he’s undeniably done some pivotal work with the south views, but the north views I need to look closer at because I’m not seeing it yet.

CIT responded almost instantly to this odd announcement; Ranke proclaimed rather confidently that “[Farmer] admits that we have been right all along and that a plane DID fly north of the citgo and fly over the building,” but insisted on obfuscating the obvious by mixing it with the 'official' plane causing the all-fake south path evidence. He further elaborated on this at the Loose Change Forum:

”Do you guys understand how ironic and symbolically huge this is? One of our worst detractors has been forced to fully EMBRACE what we assert! He knows the evidence we present is so strong that he must try to somehow incorporated it into the official story! It's absolutely classic and a MASSIVE indicator that they are in full spin mode.”

“They?” Indeed, Craig is clearly saying that that Farmer is part of some team effort, a disinformation campaign by the perpetrators to obscure CIT’s work:

“The very first moment this shadowy character appeared on the scene focusing heavily on the research of CIT (while pretending to support us) we knew he was disinfo. We knew he was ambiguously pushing the notion that 2 planes were simultaneously approaching the Pentagon, one that hit the building and one that passed on the north side of the citgo and flew over the building. All this as a means to cover up and obfuscate the evidence that we present.”

Other suspicious clues unearthed by Scooby and Shaggy CIT include Farmer’s “pseudo-technical over-analysis of the government data,” failed political campaigns, odd variations of his middle initial indicating a fake name, and the like, to decide he is “controlled opposition.” It’s no big secret he’s not an effective politician and has promoted both ‘sets of evidence,’ if ambiguously. He first gained my attention early last year by supporting the apparent north path data in the FDR [as promoted by Pilots for 9/11 Truth], which I later debunked (not his specific claim, which I never understood, but I did identify the real reason for the visible path difference), helping us start off on the wrong foot. He’s maintained the validity of north path clues since then, like while discussing the light effects in the Citgo video in August 2007: “careful [analysis] of the solar angle, angle of wall, height of other obstacles, gives incidental evidence of both the northern and southern flight paths. Neither is conclusive, but the case can be made for either.” [emph. Mine, source] At the time it seemed either-or, but now he's decided they existed simultaneously.

And again, as we’ve agreed on other points I’ve never been able to get on the same page regarding north path evidence. I had a strong bias of course - it’s seemed to me the anathema of truth. This in itself is a reason to suspect there really is something up with the north path and hence the noise inserted by CIT. Now I will try again to see it. Farmer has never advocated a non-impact all-fakery Pentagon attack, and still does not, so as devoted to no 757 at (in) the Pentagon theories, this blog does not have to address this interesting new development. But that would be the easy way out. John was thinking ahead to this when he said to Ranke in his comments section:

“Now see Craig, Adam is going to study my analysis and rip it to shreds over at his place in a few days. But he is nice about it, nothing personal. That has to be done Craig, it is called peer review. That is how true researchers sort out fact from fiction.”

A statement like this makes me almost wonder if he really means all this as a sort of experiment, but taking him at his word, we have a genuine proposal worthy of consideration by fellow researchers. For those running ahead and reading the PDF, you’ll see that the article is built partly around the new-to-me witness Roosevelt Roberts, whose account is on its face in clear contradiction with the official one plane only impact story. An important update from Farmer to note when reading it:

“I have had to remove DPS Officer Roberts as a second plane witness. If his CIT follow-up interview is accurate, he most likely saw AAL77 as it came down from the Citgo area and across Route 27. His account needs further research and clarification.”

Whatever new info really triggered it, this changes things in Farmer’s favor; his placement of the plane complicates a flyover, and Roberts did indeed say silver, while the flyover plane is said by both Farmer and CIT, if I’m not mistaken, to be White and sorta E4B-ish. Now as for Lagasse… well, this is for later. But CIT is still enthusiastically embracing Roberts' account, since he was just announced as their long-awaited flyover witness. Since I meant to dig and think deeper on that anyway, this analysis will tie into both CIT's case and Farmer's call for clarification. I will talk about the rest of You all just haven’t talked about it when I know what I'm talking about.

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