Thursday, July 3, 2008


July 3 2008

On June 26 I received my packet for Officer Roberts, unopened and un-received. I had sent it three weeks earlier, hoping to get some clarification on aspects of his eyewitness account. Perhaps I picked the wrong address, or he's out of town, who knows? They said they made two attempts to deliver, and couldn't find anyone to give it to. Maybe he was there and refused it. I don't know.

Anyway, now that I'm started I won't stop that easy. I have the info I paid for, and I know others who know how to talk to him... so I e-mailed Craig Ranke on Tuesday. Here's how that went:

Me: "Well hey, it's been a while. Hope you guys are doing well personally and floundering professionally. The reason I write is to say that my package for Officer Roberts was not received/accepted. [...] Before I waste any more time, I was wondering if you or Aldo would be willing to help me out, either with the right address or if possible his phone number? This will help get me to confirm this account again, which would be great for you guys."

Ranke: "You expose your dishonest intentions and personal obsession with us in your 2nd sentence. You don't care about truth you simply want CIT to "flounder professionally".

You are desperately fishing for ammo to preempt us with spin.

Relax and wait to see all the data."

Me: "Nice excuse. You damn well know my "dishonest intentions" and it would be disrespectful to conceal them. Plus it wouldn't work. So really what you're saying is "no because you're a detractor." Does this mean you really are twisting his words and don't want anyone else messing up your formula? And I'm not obsessed here, I'm following up. I don't even care about your next batch of smoking gun witnesses, I'm only watching the legal developments at this point."

This avoidance despite his earlier statement to Bobloblaw and I:

"Please feel free and call ALL the witnesses.

We encourage it.
Thanks for helping to verify our claims.

It's about time that The Frustrated Fraud finally did as well.

I sure hope Roosevelt responds to him."

So did he discover I was a deceiver/denier AFTER this statement, or was he just posturing? Oh well, I didn't really expect help, just thought I should try. I still have other addresses to try.

Only news about how CIT's massive proof is playing out in the courts will catch my attention now. As so many others have, I urge CIT to quit wasting their time gathering more evidence and provoking and slinging insults at insane illogical critics and take it to an wise and impartial judge and get this show moving! Otherwise fighting them have grown as stale as fighting the short guy below - who's worried about "preempting" HIS next move?


Anonymous said...


King Caustic

CIT: "You have no proff that you cut my limbs off. I win!"

Caustic Logic said...

Yes in fact the black knight won the fight as always, according to four witnesses, who all agree on all details.

Actual videotaped witness statements: