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Adam Larson/The Frustrating Fraud
December 2006
Last updated 7/22/07

In another post I eplained the suspected depth of penetration of the attack craft as explained by Holmgren, Hufschmid, and Raphael Meyssan. Initially they and others had believed only the outer "E" ring was damaged, leaving not nearly enough space to fit a 757. But this was soon shown as false evidence. The Pentagon is indeed comprised of five concentric rings, from the innermost “A” ring to the outermost “E” ring, the outer wall of which is of course where the plane - or whatever - first hit. Each ring is about fifty feet wide in the cross-section below, and comprised of five floors. There is an open, ground-level roadway between the B and C Rings called the “A-E drive.”

But... while the upper floors of each ring are separated by spaces for light and air, floors one and two are completely roofed over and the ring distiction is meaningless. The attack plane is alleged to have penetrated three rings (E,D,C), all at the first-floor level, a single, enormous, open area with support provided by spaced columns, and variously divided by weaker internal walls. The plane and all its damage would be within the gray area in the cross-section below, concealed beneath the building’s roof and at least one more ceiling beneath that - clearly invisible from above.

Eventually the "punch-out hole" on the inside of ring C became the focus, indicating a deep burial of the plane through three rings (or at least fakery indicating such). Eventually the one-ring-damaged construct and its 757-couldn't-do-it implication faded and were replaced with the line put forth in 911 In Plane Site, where host Dave Von Kleist looked at the damage to three rings, where such a plane could fit, and again decided a 757 couldn't do it. "Keep in mind that each ring of the Pentagon has an outer and inner wall," he said. "Each wall is approximately 18 inches thick of steel reinforced concrete. That means that each ring consisted of 36 inches or 3 feet of steel reinforced concrete [...] Question – Could a 757 have pierced 9 feet of steel reinforced concrete, and left a 14 to 16 foot hole, and no wreckage?" Likewise, Loose Change cites "another sixteen-foot hole on the inside of the "C" Ring" (the punch-out hole, which is actually more like eight feet by ten). Narrator Dylan Avery concludes "for that hole to have been caused by Flight 77, the Boeing would have had to smash through nine feet of steel reinforced concrete." While disregarding the exact math, no-planer Killtown also doubted that "the fragile nose of Flight 77" could "penetrate all the way through 3 reinforced concrete/steel hardened rings and punched out a hole through the inside wall of Ring C.”

First, the exterior walls of the Pentagon are not 18" of steel reinforced concrete, as these sources imply. The exact construction the plane was up against is not entirely clear, but I'm nearing completion on a post to explain this.

Second, as I explained earlier, the lower floors were undivided, and so the remainder of the six such ring-defining walls pierced simply do not exist, except the last one. Below, see rooflines of the E, D, and C rings superimposed over the inerior layout of the impacted area, as released by the Pentagon. The red zone is the damaged area, and numbers 1-6 represent the six thick ring walls Von Kleist and Avery are looking for (though in reverse order).

They do not seem to play into the layout of the ground floor, which is where the attack happened. With the exception of walls 1 and 6, these heavy walls essentially do not exist at that level, and the plane would only have had support collumns and weak internal walls to deal with. It could bounce and tear between the pillars, like a deadly game of shrapnel ping-pong. The landing gear making the neat hole inside the C-ring is still a little suspicious, but it's a fairly minor point in the big picture, and a failry minor hole compared to the impact. So only the outer wall was pierced by the majority of the attack plane, leaving us with a not-so mysterious situation: Question? How does much of a 757 crash through the outer wall of the Pentagon?

Answer: with a running start.

But the no-757 theorists have laid down their own rings of fatuity, each with their inner and outer walls adding up to nine feet of steel reinforced idiocy that our bullshit detectors must pierce. Many peoples' aren't even switched on of course, and so this blatant misunderstanding has richocheted around within the Truth movement's head and will probably continue to do so for as long as it stumbles along. By the way, many of the little bubbles clustered in and around the red zone represent dead bodies that were recovered near the end of the trajectory and along its edges. Question - how could a cruise missile or Global Hawk plow a pile of corpses like that?


Anonymous said...

Well, what it was a small passenger jet piled high with bodies that were already dead? Ah yes, now I see where those other guys are getting their facts I just consulted Elvis and he's saying the same thing.

So BS aside. What was it that crashed into the Pentagon? I mean, where is the remaining wreckage of the 747?

Caustic Logic said...

Actually there are eyewitness accounts of a small commuter jet headed that direction (google "Steve Patterson" "Pentagon City"). It's not clear this craft existed or hit the Pentagon. If it did, that raises the same problems as a big plane - where's the wings and engines?
What was it that did hit? I dunno... eyewitness accounts and the entry wound indicate a Boeing jet (757 actually). There are photos out there of plane parts. I'm working on a post on the debris that will contain some and you can feel free to do the research and tell me what exactly they are and where they came from.

Thanks, anonymous friend, for taking a moment...

Paulie said...

I have to ask, in all the conjecture that goes on about the pentagon being hit by a 757 or a missile or a very large canary.

This and many other questions can be put to bed very easily.

This was the crime of the Century the Government has many veiws on video of what happened that morning, why not releaese it and end it all, this would only be a win win for them as it would place all debunking in doubt.

There is something rotten in Denmark.

Caustic Logic said...

"This and many other questions can be put to bed very easily."

Actually they require repeated doses of heavy logic sedatives. And then the bed needs to be burned.

"the Government has many veiws on video of what happened that morning, why not releaese it and end it all, this would only be a win win for them as it would place all debunking in doubt."

It wouldn't've done much good then to release it right away. No room for doubt=no room for the conspiracists to get themselves entangled to where it would become a "win-win." they don't release it yet - in totality - because
1) it would then become obvious what many of us have said, this is a honey pot set-up
2) They don't need to yet.
But they will.

"There is something rotten in Denmark."

I'm not sure what you mean, but yeah, in a country the size of Denmark there's gotta be something rotting somewhere.

Thanks for the comment, Paulie. I'll check out your blog. Looks good so far.