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Adam Larson
Caustic Logic/The Frustrating Fraud
January 5 2007
Updated 5/8/07

[The following is an excerpt (slightly edited) from my original Shadow9-11 Series book III, "Scenario 12-E" ] I've more recently found that Von Buelow is more directly related to this page as well - after this interiew he released a book called Die CIA und der 11 September alleging remote control for the WTC attack planes we saw, and that despite this great system's availability, the planes we didn't see didn't exist, and certainly did not crash into the Pentagon and Pennsylvania. Von Buelow is definitely a fraudster.]

Anreas Von Buelow: 9/11 was "unthinkable, without backing from the secret apparatuses of state and industry.”
In January 2002, as the dust was just starting to settle in Afghanistan and the world started to settled into the first full year of America’s “new century,” the German paper Tagesspeigel published an incendiary interview with Andreas von Buelow, former German Secretary of Defense and Minister of Science and Technology. The interviewer started out noting “you seem so angry, really upset.” Von Buelow responded “I can explain what's bothering me. I see that after the horrifying attacks of Sept. 11, all political public opinion is being forced into a direction that I consider wrong […] I wonder why many questions are not asked.” [1] He then proceeded to ask some of these questions himself, wondering why the 9/11 hijackers were not stopped, why warnings were ignored, why the air defense was so inadequate, and why the U.S. government then proved so nimble when it came to assigning blame. He also said of the perpetrators:

“Planning the attacks was a master deed, in technical and organizational terms. To hijack four big airliners within a few minutes and fly them into targets within a single hour and doing so on complicated flight routes! That is unthinkable, without backing from the secret apparatuses of state and industry.” [2]

It must be noted that von Buelow is not an impartial observer in all this. Germany in general stands to lose much from the state of affairs unleashed by 9/11, and von Buelow in particular is keen on conspiracy theories, having praised Mike Ruppert’s Crossing the Rubicon as “touching on the inner sanctum of the hidden government agenda.” In this interview, von Buelow also cited the opinion of one (unnamed) “British flight engineer,” according to which “the steering of the planes was perhaps taken out of the pilots’ hands, from outside.” This could have been done by a technology devised in the 1970s whereby the American government “could rescue hijacked planes by intervening into the computer piloting.” Von Buelow said that this technology was named “Home Run.” [3]

Some other sources explain that “Home Run” is merely a nickname for a DARPA program whose real name has remained classified. Either way, the system was first addressed by this name by Joe Vialls, apparently the unnamed Brit von Buelow was referring to. A self-described aviation engineering expert (British-trained), Vialls made a fairly convincing sounding, and I think plausible, case for how this system worked, and evidence that it was used to carry out the September 11 attacks. [4] LetsRoll posters like TitleForce, strike2Force, and General Carter seem to be inspired by this enigmatic and little-photographed theorist, the precise source of many of the pieces they re-posted. They may have been him for all I know.

He first came to my attention for tackling the Frustrating Fraud, calling French accusations of a missile a "sick joke." He postulated neither a missile nor an empty drone, but the regular Flight 77 with everyone aboard but the hijackers, seized remotely and slammed into its target. He saw the same basic plan at work in New York as well, in a simple, chillingly possible scenario I later came to adopt as "Shadow 9/11."

But as a source he has problems – Vialls offered few if any sources of his own, yet seemed an expert in almost any field he tackled. He was a mysterious and controversial writer to say the least; he has called the Peak Oil theory a “Zionist scam,” [5] accused “New York” of causing the Indonesian tsunami of 2004, accused Isreal of running New York, and argued that smoking cigarettes prevents lung cancer. Vialls Died in July 2005, apparently of natural causes (presumably not lung cancer), in his native Perth, Australia. His exact history and credentials are unclear, but he had set up and mirrored a galaxy of websites offering certain analyses of world event in his trademark crayon fonts. He started out leaving the perpetrators of 9-11 nameless, but offering links to self-hosted articles by others who pointed to Israeli execution. Vialls’ later articles were more blunt, with one article from his last month of life laden with grisly images of crimes perpetrated on “bewildered” Muslims by “American and/or Jewish soldiers and brutal sub contractors.” [6]

Oddly, Vialls is alleged by at least one Australian researcher as born Otho Jewell Vialls, seeming suspiciously Jewish himself, and therefore likely an agent of someone’s sent in to hijack legitimate conspiracy theories and crash them into the ground, as he is alleged to have done in several previous cases. [7] It must be noted that this is from Judicial.inc, which I don't take as a reputable source; their site is rather sickening in fact, but they probably have at least some facts, like this one, straight. Nor do I personally care about Vialls' ethnicity - Jews are as free as anyone to call themselves “Joe” rather than Otho and to criticize Israel and even come across as anti-Semitic. I just liked the image this gave me of covertness and of hijacking theories, noting his early involvement in the most plausible of the dark conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11.

Whatever then to make of his interesting argument and its detractors, Vialls published his first article on Home Run in October 2001, in which he had noted:

“Nowadays there are large numbers of people apart from the author privy to the basic data [on Home Run]. As long ago as the early nineties, a major European flag carrier acquired the information and was seriously alarmed that one of its own aircraft might be "rescued" by the Americans without its authority. Accordingly, [the airline] completely stripped the American flight control computers out of its entire fleet, and replaced them with a home grown version. These aircraft are now effectively impregnable to penetration by Home Run, but that is more than can be said for the American aircraft fleet.” [8]

He left the nation and airline unnamed at the time, but after von Buelow’s interview, Vialls updated this, revealing the nation as Germany, and the airline as Lufthansa. “Bearing in mind his former posts as Secretary of Defence and Minister of Science and Technology” at about that time, he noted, “Herr Von Buelow would have known all about this mammoth but secretive task.” Vialls also praised the timing; “how very clever (and discreet) of Von Buelow to sort of ‘drop the information’ into the middle of an interview about the 9/11 attacks!” [9] How very clever and discreet of Vialls to cite as evidence, of all the “large numbers of people” aware of Home Run, almost the very guy who would come out and cite Vialls as evidence later.


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