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Adam Larson / Caustic Logic
The Frustrating Fraud
May 6 2007

Northop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk (R= reconnaissance, Q = unmanned). Specifications:
Wingspan: 116 feet
Fuselage length: 44 feet
Tailfin height: 15 feet
Top speed: 454 mph.
Engine: one, Rolls Royce AE3007H turbofan
Empty weight: 8,490 pounds
Maximum loaded weight: 22,900 pounds

Still under development at the time of 9/11, the Global Hawk entered reconnaissance use in the Afghanistan War, and has been used widely over Iraq. Clearly its timing of production just in time for the War on Terror is rather interesting to skeptics; it had just made the news in April 2001 by being the first drone to fly unaided across the Pacific, from Edwards AFB in California to a base in Australia and back in just under a day. [1] In 2003, as Pentagon questions were taking off after Meyssan’s lead, the RQ4 made news again, being the first UAV given FAA certification to fly unannounced in civilian air corridors. [2] Understandably, when people didn’t see the airliner fly into the building as they did in New York, imaginations run wild, and once a 757 had been discredited in some minds, the RQ4 had a certain appeal as a replacement.

Quinn’s picturing of the RQ4 decked out with missiles and a partial AA paintjob
Among those who run with their imaginings is “quantum futurist” Joe Quinn, who wrote in late 2004 “imagine that a significant number of people are witness to a drone aircraft like the Global Hawk […] Imagine also that this drone is painted with the colors and logo of a well-known airline that are only ever seen on large commercial aircraft. Imagine that there are even “windows” painted on the side to make the illusion all the more convincing. Imagine that, not long after witnessing the incident, all eyewitnesses to the event are told by authorities and the media that what they saw was a large commercial airliner flying into the building. Now ask yourself: in such a case, what are the chances that there would be seriously conflicting reports between eyewitness accounts of the incident? Very good, I would suggest.” [3] Of course, the eyewitness accounts are overwhelmingly either vague on model or cite an “airliner” or specifically a 757 or something of that scale, with no one indicating anything like a Global Hawk.

For five years after the attack, despite its serious shortcomings, many revisionist theories passively mentioned the RQ4 as a possibility, starting with Meyssan’s fingering an unspecified drone, possibly a Global Hawk, and picking up steam in 2003. Col Donn De Grand Pre told a listener on the Alex Jones show in early 2004 that he believed “it was a cruise missile. It could have been a Global Hawk. It was not a commercial aircraft." More often the craft is mentioned as a mere illustration, and far from the most relevant one, that airliners like the 9/11 attack planes could have been flown remotely. But some specifically and consistently pushed the theory that this very bug-brained drone was responsible for the damage at the Pentagon. Besides Quinn is French Researcher “Silent but Deadly” felt that it was the best explanation. Laura Knigh Jadczyk decided “there's no reason why [Osama bin Laden] couldn't also have been accused of getting his hands on a Global Hawk," and then wondered "again, and again, and again: why can't the American People SEE WHAT HIT THE PENTAGON?” [4]

Among those who've most explicitly fingered this new spy drone as the culprit, Israeli-obsessed, borderline anti-Semitic 9/11 Truth clowns Christopher Bollyn and Eric Hufschmid stand out. Hufschmid is especially prolific, from his mixed-quality 2002 book Painful Questions to his much worse 2003 video Painful Deceptions and beyond, his Global Hawk arguments make his theorizing look more like a parody of sorts than an actual attempt at truth. It was to Hufschmid that self-described Pentagon attack witness Sam Danner turned in 2006 with his incredible tale of the Global Hawk strike. Before he admitted he had fabricated the whole incident, Danner’s self-destructing testimony also dragged in Bollyn as well as fellow anti-Zionist conspiratainer Michael Collins Piper.

Luckily the lie wasn’t all they had, as Bollyn hedged slightly in his first Danner piece: “The evidence supporting the theory that a Global Hawk was flown into the Pentagon by remote control has been investigated by this writer in American Free Press.” This is true, as is that “Danner's testimony is unique in its detail and description of the aircraft.” but beyond that Bollyn’s analysis has nothing true to offer; Sam's story “is supported by an abundance of photographic evidence and numerous statements made by other eyewitnesses," and besides, "while Danner's testimony corroborates this hypothesis, which is supported by evidence, there is not a single piece of evidence, physical or photographic in the public domain to support the government version that a Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon.” [5]

Looking at the physical evidence, a Global Hawk would have nearly the wingspan to clip all the light poles that were clipped, but not likely the weight necessary. That this tiny object should have continued after that to hit the building is doubtful, as is its ability, even with missiles, to blast the damage hole into the Pentagon’s west wall. The width of its penetrating core (engine/fuselage) is about six feet, compared the 50-foot core of a 757 and to the 100-foot wide swathe of destroyed columns of the ground floor. As for the airplane scraps found on the lawn, a painted RQ4 could possibly explain these, as could the official 757.

Regarding debris found inside the building, Joe Quinn feels the 757-looking landing wheel actually matches a Global Hawk's, and ignoring that even large engines have small parts, he addressed the famous FEMA rotor photo: “No one has come forward to confirm or deny that the disk seen in photos from outside the Pentagon could have come from a Global Hawk. Given the small size of the disk, it is likely that it did not come from a large 757 engine but rather a smaller-engined aircraft. Like a Global Hawk.” [6] Quinn was drawing on Bollyn, who believed the part was from an RQ4’s Rolls Royce AE3007H engine. Bollyn had contacted a company spokesman, who said of the photo “It is not a part from any Rolls Royce engine that I’m familiar with, and certainly not the AE3007H made here in Indy.” Bollyn included this as evidence. (??) [7]

Even after all this lack of correllary evidence and even after the Danner debacle, “Silent But Deadly” still sums up in the eyewitness preamble to his carefully crafted 3-D test of the official story (which the 757 failed), “sam danner said he lied, so statements are removed. Nevertheless, the best version is still the globalhawk one.” [8]

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Anonymous said...

The global hawk theory is a bit forced, however I do want to correct something you said about Global Hawk being in development during 2001.

Im not sure what you mean by "in development", Global Hawk was flying in 1998. I know because I was in the Air Force and I saw one fly in 1998 up close before I left the service at a rollout ceremony for military brass.

It probably "continued" in development but Global Hawk was available and ready for deployment years earlier than 9/11.

Caustic Logic said...

Well that's new to me - 1998 even. I guess it was in continued development, and what made news before 9/11 was that unmanned flight that made it so noteworthy at right that time, and its unique FAA certification just as no-757 theorists were getting serious.

Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe people are still talking about my father!

Caustic Logic said...

"i can't believe people are still talking about my father!"

?? Do you mean Sam Danner? If so, I hope all is as well as can be with both him and you.

Anonymous said...

Yep, thats him! things are fine man.
i was just doing a random google of his see if there was any fresh sam danner internet chatter-(how i stumbled onto your blog) ha..i'm still in disbelief that any of this ever happened!

Caustic Logic said...

It must be a trip for sure. Are you Matthew? Y'know, I never really cared why Sam's story was so wrong, but rather why so many believed it, or at least pretended to. Bollyn got himself fired, and Hufschmid only confirmed what we already knew about him... only Piper has come out semi-reasonable seeming to some, but to me... my patience is way too thin. If there really is an inside job, which I'm starting to wonder about, we don't have time for these shenanigans.


Anonymous said...

yea, the one and only. I wonder how far my father's lies would have gone had I not opened my mouth. From talking to Bollyn....that guy seemed way to paranoid. And Hufschmid....well...lets just say he is really "special". Arr arr...the Criminal Network controls the world!! arr arr. I am so done with the whole 9/11-nwo scene. IMO- the entire subject matter is life consuming and life wasting, plus a breeding ground for paranoia. whats happening is happening....there is nothing anyone can do to change it. I think it is a good idea to know what is going on, but not be obsessed by it. heck...just seeing how people reacted to my fathers bs really opened my eyes. people are way to paranoid, and way to retarded.(i was once retarded as well, for a second.) there isn't a demon behind every rock, and there sure as poop isn't a governemnt agent behind everything and anything 9/11. disinfo this, shill that..... people will believe whatever sounds good, or whatever they want to make their reality. the truth is....noone knows anything for certain about anything. One thing I've learned in life is that things aren't always how they appear. So now my stance on 9/11 is..."I don't know, wasn't there, and i'm not going to waste any more of my life trying to find out". However I will say, cudos to all you level headed SANE 9/11 researchers and investigators! A job well done. hmm...don't really know where any of that came from. take it easy bro. peace out!