Saturday, May 3, 2008


posted 4/26? I forget - note when reading update.
Craig, Aldo...
I checked into the old debate w/Plan 271 and decided your blocked-view analysis is pretty much spot-on, but due to skewing of the satelite images we're using, that neighboring building may offer even less of a view right before impact than you show here.
The flip-side of this would be a bit wider view of the approach, perhaps even of part of the Navy Annex. I'm not sure what that looked like (see below), but your photo from inside that apartment stands as primary evidence of a highly useful nature. I agree the low buildings in the foreground are all there in post-9/11 satellite photos, so the ground itself was just as obscured at that time. The only new building I see that obscures anything is the tall shopping center at the right which, if anything, helps your case here, as it would help hide the flyover... wait, if it were there on 9/11, I got that backwards. Well something happened so they didn't report a flyover in that high view off to the right.

Anyway... so this is my analysis of the FoV there, as the photo was taken, new building (NOT in satellite image) and Washington Monument on the right, Pentagon corner, edge, and building edge (app) on left.
Timmerman: “I was looking out the window; I live on the 16th floor, overlooking the Pentagon, in a corner apartment, so I have quite a panorama.” A panorama would normally require a series of shots, and so I presume you have photos of the view from the other side as well, looking north and west. Apologies if they're already up somewhere I missed, and if not, for all the others trying to figure things out, could you share these photos with us as well? If so thanks in advance.
update, 5/4: Didn't think so.

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