Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Adam Larson / Caustic Logic
The Frustrating Fraud
May 13 2008

I just finished what I thought was the final update of my Frustrating Fraud namebase, (157 names) but missed this very important addition until just now. To thank I have a noteworthy paper written up by Italian blogger Henry 62 that looks at the Pentagon damage and rules out a missile or probably bombs inside. From this paper I've learned that Fidel Castro was among those promoting the no-757-at-the-Pentagon missile meme. After almost 50 years of being a professional thorn in the side of the American system, inciting useful crises in the south and surviving hundreds of cartoonish failed assassination plots, he also took the no-plane bait. On September 11 2007, just five months before his death, the old, old Cuban strongman wrote an article called The Empire and Lies in which, AFP reported, it was made clear that:

"Castro does not believe that an airplane crashed into the Pentagon, nor does he believe that any airplane passengers died. "Only a projectile could have created the geometrically round orifice created by the alleged airplane," he said, voicing regret that the truth will never be revealed."

The old guy obviously had internet. I was publishing at the time as well. How did he miss me and I miss him? So it's 158 now, and I may as well gather a few more names for another and final expansion...

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