Monday, May 26, 2008


Adam Larson / Caustic Logic
The Frustrating Fraud
May 26 2008

This is a belated recognition, and a tip-off for those even more behind than I, of another category of useful new evidence brought to us by researcher John Farmer. The US Army Center of Military History conducted several hundred interviews with military personnel, in 2001 and 2002, about what they experienced and felt regarding the Pentagon attack. Many of these have now been obtained by Farmer through FOIA requests starting late last year. 33 so far are available in scanned PDF and MSWord format at, each with a brief description.

These include eyewitnesses to the plane’s attack – where it flew, how it hit, and all that – as well as those who only gathered peripheral clues and who saw and dealt with the aftermath. Some of them are already being buzzed about; they figure into Farmer's more recent findings and are starting to be used in online arguments by myself and others. Notably, NEIT 567 is said by CIT to be a north path flyover witness (a remarkable find for them). She and others are discussed by the team in a thread at their forum, with the usual emphasis on adjectives they like read how they like. They’re ahead of me here; I’ve only looked at a few, but so far they seem to generally fit what happened, and I see little or no cause for alarm or odd speculation.

Farmer is also pursuing another similar avenue; the Navy Historical Center who has their own list of interviews, but so far it seems all he’s gotten is the index of them. From the Navy he also has obtained, available at the previous link, the After Action Report from Port Mortuary, where victim remains were identified. Very relevant to the discussion of who died at the Pentagon and how their remains were identified.


Craig said...

That's it?

That's all you have to say even though you know the very interviews upon which you blog have convinced the FOIA originator of a north side flyover?


Caustic Logic said...

That's all I have to say for now. I think he was already convinced of the north path and flyover before these, don't you? And there's still no flyover witness who saw 'both' planes at the same time, is there? I will have more to say on the whole thing in just a bit, and on Roberts soon (notice the update there?). This whole last week is damn weird. Everything just churned over and got real confusing, but I will find bottom AND get my head back above, don't worry. Farmer does not get an automatic pass from me, but this is a whole new argument. It takes time...

Caustic Logic said...

Extreme moderation short of full rejection in effect due to violations of unwritten but known anti-soap-boxing provisions imposed on CIT (also useless drama spacers removed):

>>>>I think he was already convinced of the north path and flyover before these, don't you?

Huh? How so?

Okay, the north path anyway… it was ‘ambiguous,’ remember? But it’s largely the witnesses that have ‘forced’ him to think flyover and over the Capitol etc...

By the way I can tell you're excited to exploit this turn, but this post is just a backgrounder saying ‘this stuff exists, here’s some links and discussion.’

He has to fully admit that the 84 RADES data is completely fraudulent to go there and although he has been forced to move in that direction a bit he has stopped short of going that far.

Perhaps. The real action was of course all off radar, far too low, but I think he says this plane was NOT on radar - either all below, or erased, I dunno... or because it’s another patchwork fiction? Perhaps, I’ve seen it happen before.

Regardless I can tell you are the confused one at this point.

Farmer has been obviously (yet desperately) strategic while you flail about hopelessly in the avalanche of information that keeps instantly surrounding you by surprise.

That’s neat you’ve deduced I’m confused right now, Sherlock, since I said it right above. But 'keeps'?Excuse me? I’m sure you know how hollow that is. I’ve been on top of things all along, and YOU are the ones always backing out, making excuses, banning, ignoring, ridiculing, anything to maintain the charade. This is obviously an unprecedented avalanche right now, right in my informational backyard. And I can't keep living online like this, but I can't ignore it, so it'll take time to sort it out.

Stop stalling Larson. You'll be eventually forced to embrace the north side flyover or disappear into oblivion like all the others. Just put yourself out of your misery and do it! The north side calls you!

There you go, convince me I'm always this confused, that you're winning and Farmer was 'forced' to admit it, and push the surprise advantage with some urgent Dart Vader plea. Is this a serious psych-out attempt? Ooohhh, ‘reality’ is biting me in the butt and I'm 'flailing'… you fail, man.