Wednesday, June 11, 2008


June 11 1am

Aldo Marquis CIT has news for us, again! “UPDATE: We've got another corroborating witness to the DC/EOP/Chaconas flight path.” Good, since the Scoggins confirmation didn’t turn out so well. This was the first post in the Chaconas thread since JFK shut it down a month ago to push out PBnJ. And there’s news on other fronts, hints a-dropping at the LCF in the last few days, and I gotta say I’m scared that my whole reality is about to come crashing down! "They have no idea how wrong they are about to be," Marquis told Bitterman. "Paik's position didn't allow him to see what happened at the end of the Annex," he said in another thread. "We do have a better idea now, so just stay tuned."

Most ominously, Marquis announced "We now have an additional 6 NoC witnesses. 2 on audio recording and 4 on location, on camera. One of those was a surprise published account that we did not expect to get." Lemme guess – ANC folks and such who were north of the real path, and describe the plane as over them? Now CIT’s collection has grown to “12 people who saw it on the north side of the Citgo.” How many mention the Citgo? I'll have to wait and see. How many people south of the real path described the plane as 'over' them? But they don’t count as SoC witnesses since they don’t mention the Citgo, right? Now CIT’s collection has grown to “12 people who saw it on the north side of the Citgo," he told critic Boboblaw, "leading us to believe the plane flew over. Leading us to believe in the second plane cover story. Leading us to Roosevelt Roberts who saw the plane flying away and thought it was a second jet in the area at the exact time of the attack."

Regarding that last, I'm still waiting for that full article and complete audio that was promised a couple weeks ago. One thing at a time fellas, lets see if one pans out before we start distracting people with something else that also won't. Not sure what they’re saying at their own forum, but the word bombshell is probably in there somewhere, as they plan another of their regular bomb-dropping followed by another round by the dud truck, teetering and barely able to drive beneath its towering load anymore. Perhaps they will finally break the truck, which seems their only reachable goal.

'Hey, we're not confused about Roberts' account,' CIT will likely say. 'You're the one with the stupid "questions." Why don't YOU go ask him to explain it again?' Funny they should possibly ask that right after I led the post that direction. In other news, I’ve been “unusually investigative” lately in sending out, last Monday, a ‘clarification packet’ to Officer Roberts with all the contact info he could need. In nine pages (with plenty of space, mind you), I asked about all the little details I’ve been wondering about and made it near-impossible, if he answers anything, to continue the vagueness that’s come across so far. I included a zoomed map for locating himself, lane 1, etc. if all south, and a wider view for the flight path he saw. I could have made better ones I suppose, but I felt rushed.

The way I see it there are three possible outcomes:
1) He doesn’t respond, or does so in a curt and dismissive way. This seems most likely, but considering how he talked with CIT, I would find this a bit suspicious. They didn’t just look up his number and call him, not by any means I’ve found, but likely got him to call them after an initial contact. Am I right, guys?
2) He responds in the affirmative of what I suspect – he saw 175 impact on TV and then saw 77 approach. I’ll publish it happily.
3) He clarifies what CIT’s been saying. I won’t believe it, but I’ll acknowledge it and, with his permission, pass it on. That in itself would be very interesting.

So each of these outcomes is educational in its own way, and it will have been worth the time in any case. He should have had the packet for over a week now, just long enough that the suspense is killing me and I’m wondering if he’s planning to blow me off quietly. So now it’s in the open, I can’t be blown off silently. How loud it gets depends on me. In the chance he’s reading this site, again, all I want is the honest and un-muddled truth, even if it’s just that I fail, and we are waiting on a response. And again, Roosevelt, if you're reading this, all of this back-and-forth should not matter a bit for the outcome. Memories are memories, and if CIT can hear them, why not me?

Sincerely, Caustic Logic


bobloblaw said...

Hello Caustic Logic,

You do good work. Nice to see people can stay calm after dealing with these punks for more than a handfull of days.


Caustic Logic said...

Hey, JREF scum! No, I'm ragin insane, just half-catatonic too due to a stroke they gave me so I seem calm. :)

And as little as I've seen you do great work too.
"This would be the explosion at around 9:10AM right?
This would be the silver aircraft flying over the south car park, right?"

Solid questions met with the same old appeals and then insults and provocation and let jfk do the rest
"And bobby earned a week off."
"good stuff. thanks JFK."

Aldo gets called for insulting you:
"Yes, that was my bad. Unfortunately, I found him whiny. I think I am given a little slack because we are constantly under attack. Anyways, I say good riddance to bad rubbish. He is a troll and nothing more."

Oops, the bads keep coming. I think they are constantly attacked becuase they lie real bad all the time and some people get annoyed?

bobloblaw said...

I got in contact with Levi Stephens today. He was quite unaware that his photo has been used. He was also unaware that his words had been twisted to support their theory.

Anyway, on finding out, he must not have been too impressed by it, because his photo disappeared from with hours.

Best part is this wouldn't have happened if Aldo didn't dare me to contact his witnesses - so I thought hey fuck it, let's do that.

I found Levi *immediately*. LexisNexis has given me the contact details for William Lagasse (He's a K-9 Specialist), Robert Turcios, Sean Boger (work & home), Mrs. Hubbard (Ceola is her name.. Lives with Christopher on the corner of Poe and 13th ROAD, not STREET. Craig identified the wrong house, she is on the southwest corner), Terry Morin (who now works at SPARTA just up the road)...

Boger is the one I am interested in talking to the most.

But the time difference is a bitch. And I don't feel right calling these people and interrupting their lives with this bullshit, you know?

I actually went to call the Arlington National Cemetary last night to let them know these fucks were going to be snooping around, but how do you tell that to the personal who picks up the general enquiries line, eh?

Craig said...

>>>>He was also unaware that his words had been twisted to support their theory.

That's because no such thing happened which is why you will not say which words were "twisted", liar.

We were 100% truthful and Levi acknowledged as much. We have always said that he believed the plane hit the building and that he did not give us permission to publish our phone call with him.

Please feel free and call ALL the witnesses.

We encourage it.

That's the whole point about what we present.

It is independent verifiable evidence proving a military deception.

Even if any of the witnesses choose not to talk anymore they can all be subpoenaed when the time comes.

Thanks for helping to verify our claims.

It's about time that The Frustrated Fraud finally did as well.

I sure hope Roosevelt responds to him.

Oh and I did not report Hubbard's house incorrectly.

Maybe you should go pay her a visit and back up your bullshit accusation with evidence before spouting your mouth off.

Of course her account that the plane was white is the only significant part of her testimony anyway.

You think you are intimidating us but you are only doing us a favor.

Confirm away pseudoskeptic!

I sure would love to hear some audio of you interviewing any of the witnesses!

That would be great.

No doubt you won't bother because unlike us you don't care about providing evidence for your claims and will continue to spout more completely unsupported lies in a desperate attempt to personally discredit us.

Evidence pseudoskeptic, evidence.

Caustic Logic said...

Cool, a fight at my blog I don't have to take part in.

That's amazing how much contacting you're doing, Bob. Puts me to shame, So does CIT for that matter, as far as volume. Did you ask Levi about his NoC claim, or record anything? Good luck w/some of them - Lagasse's been having his testimony "disprove the official stroy" since 2003 and has never done a thing to change it.

>>> I sure hope Roosevelt responds to him.

Thanks, Craig, me too.

bobloblaw said...

Honestly, I'm a bit edgy about recording these people, and I don't really have the equipment to do so. At this stage all I am doing is simply making them aware that CIT are out there doing this in their name and we'll see where it goes from there.

The reaction for Levi indicated to me that he wants nothing at all to do with them, but I think we could correctly gauge that from the shit Aldo posted about him already.

He was dead easy to find, by the way - CIT found him from Myspace and actually had the nerve to lift one of his photos from the Pics section against his express permission.

I have only received one reply from Levi, and it was a short but courteous, thanking me for alerting him to what CIT were doing.

I have since sent a followup to Levi asking a number of detailed questions and I am currently awaiting a reply with no guarantee it will come.

What else was a blast was that during the course of my research I dropped Aldo's name at one point which was overheard by someone nearby that had actually been involved with Aldo's request for 9/11 footage from a major Hollywood company.

Small world, isn't it?

I am yet to contact the rest of them, I have just compiled their contact details. I'm a bit nervous about doing it actually... Perhaps I could send the information through to you and you might give it a lash?

Roberts was an elusive one, however. Didn't find anything about him at all.

bobloblaw said...

Have you read this account before? Looks like a SoC witness:

Lt Gen Ron Kadish, Director of the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization at the Navy Annex:
”I walked in the office and stood peering out of the window looking at the Pentagon. As I stood there, I instinctively ducked at the extremely loud roar and whine of a jet engine spooling up. Immediately, the large silver cylinder of an aircraft appeared in my window, coming over my right shoulder as I faced the Westside of the Pentagon directly towards the heliport. The aircraft, looking to be either a 757 or Airbus, seemed to come directly over the annex, as if it had been following Columbia Pike - an Arlington road leading to Pentagon. The aircraft was moving fast, at what I could only be estimate as between 250 to 300 knots…The aircraft was at a sharp downward angle of attack, on a direct course for the Pentagon. It was "clean", in as much as, there were no flaps applied and no apparent landing gear deployed. He was slightly left wing down as he appeared in my line of sight, as if he'd just "jinked" to avoid something. As he crossed Route 110 he appeared to level his wings, making a slight right wing slow adjustment as he impacted low on the Westside of the building to the right of the helo, tower and fire vehicle around corridor 5.”

So he's facing the west side of the Pentagon, meaning he cannot be looking out of the north-west or south-east facing windows, he is looking at the Pentagon with the Citgo gas station (or Quarters K Navy Exchange) directly between him and the impact site.

He describes the plane as coming in over his right shoulder, not overhead, which would put it to the right of the gas station from his perspective, therefore making him a....

SoC witness.

bobloblaw said...

That account also seems to jive with what Terry Morin and Edward Paik have been saying.

bobloblaw said...

Can you email me at I'd like to talk to you more privately if you don't mind.

bobloblaw said...

Haha! I got my own email address wrong...


I'll stop polluting your comments section now :)

Craig said...

>>>>Can you email me at

Now THAT'S a Freudian slip if I have ever heard one!