Friday, August 24, 2007


Adam Larson / Caustic Logic
The Frustrating Fraud
August 24 2007

A small post to tide my swarming readers over until I finish my animation geography analysis; I recently found, for what it’s worth, both the animation and the csv file seem to agree with the official story [ed - on this issue - the general flight path]. This is nothing new, of course, but barring minor variations of whatever significance, and looking at the 320-mile long swathe of land flown over by Flight 77, it’s all a remarkable fit.

Earthtools tells me the furthest point west in the official path is about 82° 44' 56” W, while the csv file records 83°06’ as the largest west number. These two numbers are off by about 21-22 minutes (no seconds recorded in the csv so exact margin cannot be determined), or about the margin they’re off by for the whole flight (explained here). So the official story and the csv file (corrected) match on lat/long readings at the furthest point west, and they also match at Dulles and the Pentagon; by being about 22 degrees apart across the board, they verify the board. As for the animation, I ignored its apparent lat/long grid appearing consistently off, and just used it to place the plane roughly at given times on its flight path (for example, just before a left turn at 8:39).

I made this map by stretching the 9/11 Commission’s flight path map w/state borders to fit a larger map of those borders. I then recreated the path (a bit rough in the curves) for greater clarity. I set the lat/long grid lines beneath it with Earthtools. Along the flight path, I marked 19 timed locations at key times. These were first plotted visually according to the animation, and then fine-tuned with the csv file (west corrected).

Note the remarkable, if not exact, correlation of all these data sets. The plots are off by a few minutes here and there, but on the scale of this 320-mile long swathe it all generally lines up. This is not surprising of course, as the Commission’s map and the official story in general have always relied on the flight path first downloaded we’re told within days of the attack. Just take this as another verification that the official data all lines up on the big picture flight path issue, and another excuse for me to publish a cool new graphic.


mod said...

Cool graphic! Is it new? :lol:

Caustic Logic said...

Yes indeedee, this cool new graphic is verifiably new. Its exact coolness factor could be disputed.

mod said...

Here's one for whoever - I see the last 30 minutes of the flight was pretty straight (in terms of flight path) - almost a beeline for the Pentagon. How did the hijackers know just where to aim the aircraft?

Did they use the VOR at DCA, or a handheld GPS? Your uber cool graphic makes this interesting point very clear. Just prior to 9:41, I'm guessing they were visual with the area (where the slight left turn occurs).

Caustic Logic said...

Oops - I quoted you on the other post...
Good observations these. Looking at the animation it's like duh, just follow the big yellow "roller coaster" to your left... in reality, there's the ground below, and... what? ... to guide the pilot back? It seems from this that they knew where they were, where they were going, and how to get there immediately, locked in, and got back to Dulles on only two magnetic bearings. Until around 9:30 it looks like, where the tack changed to a north sweep and spiral descent.

What are we to make of these antics from a baro-correcting Muslim hijacker? GPS and a lot of homework? Remote control and a barometer correction inserted to simply show a human hand?

Caustic Logic said...

So yeah, just to clarify, this is another mystery of the Pentagon attack - its simplicity and symmetry of flight path, followed by that dive, the unlikely rightward loop, and the hot-rodding over the lawn into the Ground floor for God's sake.

And we're just handed Hani Hanjour, who for some reason I still haven't even studied closely. But he seems to be quite the prodigy, officially.