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Adam Larson
Caustic Logic/The Frustrating Fraud
December 15 2006

Perhaps the oddest case in the small but fertile world of government functionary-9/11 Truth crossover is that of Barbara Honegger, a dedicated but elusive and little seen 9/11 warrior with murky roots (apparently military and intelligence). She was allegedly into weird parapsychic stuff, channeling voices of supercomputers from the future and whatnot, [1] before she went to work in the late 1970s for a rising star named Martin Anderson at the Hoover Institute (where he remains as a Senior Fellow). She then followed Anderson to the White House as an assistant to join the Reagan-Bush transition team in 1980. Anderson advised Reagan on everything from foreign intelligence to education, finance, and arms control, probably worked for Bush sr., and during the Clinton Years focused on teaching classes at Stanford (home of the Hoover Institute and where Condi Rice was briefly provost). Anderson was later an advisor to George W. Bush in his 2000 presidential campaign, [2] and eventually became a member of Rumsfeld’s influential Defense Policy Board in 2001. [3]

Muchkin Honegger smiling with Reagan and Bush in the White House.
Honegger herself had split off from her Republican benefactors early; she only served the Reagan White House as a researcher and policy analyst until she resigned in 1983 under unclear circumstances – either over sexual discrimination or something else. In May 1985 Newsweek ran a piece on Honegger titled “The Munchkin's Musical” that stated “White House aides began whispering that Honegger was a believer in ESP who claimed she'd ridden on Halley's comet.” [4]

At the time she was also among the first to have leaked details of the “October Surprise” scandal, much of which was later verified by numerous involved parties. The deal was allegedly made by George Bush and William Casey to delay the release of the hostages in Iran - a delay that cost Carter the White House and gained it for Reagan and Bush. [5] Her charges culminated with the 1989 book “October Surprise,” predating Gary Sick’s work of the same name (which does not mention her) by two years. In the end, the scandal cost Reagan nothing, covered up by an investigation headed by a certain Lee Hamilton, who would go on later to 9/11 Commission and Iraq Study Group fame. Honegger later left a small mark on the Iran-Contra scandal, carried out as it was by largely the same networks responsible for the October Surprise, continuing to weave a picture of Bush-centered intrigue.

Despite all this, she not only remained alive but went on to tie Bush's son and former Defense Secretary in with carrying out 9/11, her works on which carry the disclaimer "all of Honegger’s research and publications on September 11 are solely in her capacity as a concerned private citizen and do not imply official endorsement." This is because in 1995 she was given a cushy job as Senior Military Affairs Journalist at the Naval Postgraduate School, which she holds till the present, writing about such things as a cyber-defense exercise in 2002: “all the National Security Agency’s Trojan horses and Air Force and Army’s info-warriors couldn’t break through the cyber walls erected by the Naval Postgraduate School’s ace “Blue” Team,” she wrote. [6] How ironic then that what some suspect of being NSA Trojan horse 9/11 arguments should have eventually broken through her psychic shields and into her research.

Honegger’s role in the 9/11 Truth movement is huge and will perhaps go down as her crowning achievement, for good or ill. Her legacy here is centered on revealing to Mike Ruppert inside info on the War Games of 9/11 which scrambled the defense and were probably co-ordinated by a Maestro working for Dick Cheney. These revelations formed what Ruppert called “in my opinion – the holy grail of 9/11 research,” and a key point for the smarter edge of the movement at large. [7] Her credentials thus seem solid, but her later works I’ve seen are sloppy and full of holes and leaps. In October 2004 she reportedly told a forum in Los Angeles that “shoe bomber” Richard Reid was really Osama bin Laden, who apparently dyed his hair, trimmed his beard, removed a few wrinkles and turned himself in as it were by trying to ignite his shoes on a trans-Atlantic flight. [8]

Honegger’s later works include "The Pentagon Attack Papers," published as an appendix in Jim Marrs’ “The Terror Conspiracy,” 2006, taking her squarely into this blog's turf. In her Pentagon analysis, she argued against a big plane and for a traditional bombing. This, she's certain, happened at 9:32, with anything happening at the official time of 9:37 being some sort of cover – possibly the impact of “an airborne object significantly smaller than […] a Boeing 757.” She cites a mixed bag of evidence, from hard fact like a stopped clock to repeated government “slips” to irrelevant coincidences, and has cited war games at the Pentagon that morning, which are unverifiable but likely incorrect. [9] (I will post on this theory in more detail sometime soon).

She has also tied the alleged original pilot of Flight 77 before it was hijacked, Captain Charles Burlingame, to “a Task Force that drafted the Pentagon's emergency response plan on what to do in case a plane hit the building.” She appears to be the source of the similar charge laid out in Loose Change, second edition’s opening segment. It’s an intriguing possibility, but it doesn’t help her tentative case that she then finds it “extremely likely, if not certain - that this 'task force' that […] Burlingame was part of was
the Cheney counterterrorism preparedness task force, and that the Pentagon plane pilot, therefore, directly knew and even worked with/for Cheney.” [10] Maybe that parapsychic training is helping her to fill in the gaps with right-brain impulses or insights from the future that make it all make sense…

No more promising is her citation of “the already legion evidence that Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon:" “the small hole in the west side of the Pentagon being not nearly large enough for the plane’s fuselage, let alone wing width," "no damage to the lawn where Flight 77 allegedly struck and skidded before hitting the building," "wrecked plane parts at the site identified as being from an A-3 Sky Warrior, a far smaller plane than that of Flight 77, a Boeing 757.” [11] Of course my debunkings are legion as well, or getting there. "The small hole" - the unmarked lawn - the plane parts - The A3 Sky Warrior Theory.

While her reputation in the movement is generally sterling and I don’t know enough to cast large stones, these aspects of Honegger’s works – her unexplained leaps, need to tie Cheney in personally, and especially disagreeing with me over the Pentagon evidence - are deeply flawed. Whatever her intentions, she has served as a useful and strangely credible-seeming source, and also a comet-riding psychic moonbat in the employ of the US military pushing among the worst 9/11 theories. That doesn't prove anything but it's worth considering.

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Anonymous said...

I did not know all this about her, and it does seem odd. I'm not sure if you're even implying she's an active government agent, which would be weird since she did criticize Bush quite a bit and tried to take him down on two conspiracies. Usually that makes people enemies. And I think all that psychic stuff is just rumors from the White House to discredit a critic. Should you fall for that?

Caustic Logic said...

Thanks for taking time to comment. I know Barb is respected and this will rub some people the wrong way.

First: I'm not saying she's an agent. Her case is mixed as best, with much bad in there. thas the first clue. Government job and previous gov. connections is secondary, and her ability to rise to the top of the heap and get Ruppert's ear using this cred is a tertiary point.

Second: Splits and rivalries can be faked (Morgan Reynolds, PC Roberts et al?). I suspect Bush sr. enjoys looking evil and being feared, having conspiracy theories swirling around himself, so long as nothing sticks and drags him down. Watergates are for Nixons. October Surprises, Iran-Contras, and 9/11s are for Bushes.

Third: Barb herself and her fans cite the parapsychic work and ESP stuff. This is true. Google it.

And again, thanks for taking a moment to comment.

Ringwind said... and

Caustic Logic said...

This is basically spam - no actual words, just links to two barely-related sites. But it gives me a chance to illustrate a point - The 911researchers one seems to be almost nothing but crap theories and theorists, linking to Jimmy Walter, Morgan Reynolds, Judy Wood, Gerard Holmgren - the worst of the worst. "Flight 93 Psyop Shanksville Mind Control Hoax," "Star Wars in new York" (on Judy Woods' space laser WTC demolition theory), etc.

The 911 Hoax one is worth looking at - what does a girl in a bikini have to with "Plane's Can't Enter Buildings?" But it helps draw attention to the "TV fakery" from the WTC on 9/11, the billionth "smoking gun" that should finally hang Bush and Cheney. If only the sheeple would wake up.

Just keep yelling it louder, nitwits, and it's bound to become true! Nah, I' don't think they're opposite enough yet. Why not insist the WTC actually never existed? Tha'd really gut the Bush lies!

Sorry to be mean Ringwind. But it'smy job.

Victronix said...

>>While her reputation in the movement is generally sterling

It's not. New people who don't know her don't know any better. People who had anything to do with her saw stuff like the LA Grand Jury presentation and wrote her off. Those who are into UFO writers doing our research for us probably think she and Jim Marrs are a great team.

What she provides, mainly, is yet another means to proclaim that a Boeing didn't hit the Pentagon.

What I've noticed is that retired military people, those into the paranormal and pilots seem to have the least amount of critical thinking skills when it comes to understanding what might have happened at the Pentagon.

Who'd have thought?

Caustic Logic said...

Thanks for the thoughts, Victoria.

Not sterling, eh? True when I wrote that all I knew was Ruppert cited her, and until later on that's all I knew and she seemed credible. When I looked into her actual works... Well, it made me lose some respect for Ruppert.

I also looked into her huge case for a '9:32 event' and basically it's the clocks that everyone else has already cited boosted by a list of coincidences, errors or maybe lies. I'll be posting on this in full soon. The clocks still have me a bit stumped...

"retired military people, those into the paranormal and pilots seem to have the least amount of critical thinking skills when it comes to understanding what might have happened at the Pentagon."

This is how it would certainly seem. But I suspect many at least have much better logic than they show.

Karl Hafer said...

I know this thread is sorta old, but, for the sake of the people looking up info about the above mentioned clairvoyant "little person," here's a clip from a characteristically low-budget, uber-conspiratorial "documentary" about the Iran Contra affair (cued up to her big moment, since the rest of the movie is hunk of crap.)

Just go Here

Caustic Logic said...

Thanks Karl. Barbara seems to be making sense there on the October Surprise scandal. The rest looked interesting too. I'm wondering how this loon got herself attached to a real Bush-centered conspiracy worth looking into? And then 9/11, in a clearly discrediting way... this may be some of the best evidence for a Bush family inside job! Good going Barbara!

Dean Jackson said...


Honegger's assertion that a 757 couldn't hit the Pentagon is based on the five missile batteries hidden on the roof of the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. A sixth battery was hidden on the ground; Barbara was off by one missile battery. Barbara’s revelation was affirmed to me via a colleague at work four years ago. My colleague was told by a National Airport employee that the Pentagon had SIX missile batteries on 9/11, not five.

Now Barbara's affirmation of a missile battery system was also testified to by Thierry Meyssan and researcher John Judge. Judge's father and mother were civilian employees at the Pentagon back in the late
1950s. One day, circa 1958, the young John Judge was in the Pentagon courtyard sitting on top of a silver metal box. His father told him to get down because it hid a missile battery inside. That was in the late 1950s.

Now, civilian aircraft transmit a hostile IFF when breaching the Pentagon’s red zone. Military aircraft, however, transmit a friendly IFF signal even if they breach the Pentagon’s red zone. One reason the system won’t fire on military aircraft is because one wouldn’t want to shot down accidentally Marine One (or Marine Two) helicopter as it approached the Pentagon’s helipad. Therefore, Barbara concludes, only a military aircraft hit the Pentagon, not a civilian 757.

Hope this helps.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Anonymous said...

Many people in the Reagan WH were into ESP, para stuff aka remote viewers etc.

I recently met the woman in person and the impression was of a nut or at least one high-strung pain in the ass female. With an over healthy ego. Doesnt invalidate her research though, and I certainly sympathize with her demanding credit and attention for "Oct Surprise" work- which Gary Sick confiscated inspite of her 2 year scoop over him.

As for Ruppert. He struck me as sleazy and not to be trusted- whether for his own self-serving vibe/inflated pomp or "once a govt agent always a govt agent"? Not sure, until someone in his audience asked why he urged Gary Webb's family to have his body cremated INSTEAD OF AUTOPSIED as a murder investigation after he'd been possibly suicided for his drug exposes. ruppert refused to answer. Grim.